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Once upon a time, Whitefield used to be very different from what it is today, It was established in the late 1800's as a settlement for Anglo-Indians and Whitefield remained a quaint little settlement at the east periphery of Bangalore city then, but today this laid-back place has become a major hub for Corporates, architects and designers have taken over and there are huge IT companies,fancy shopping malls and fancy restaurants. No exaggeration guys, the city is spoilt for choices and Whitefield is also emerging as a serious contender as the best place to eat and drink your way through, lucky me, I am a proud resident of Whitefield too. 

To keep every waking hour of life deliciously fulfilled, there comes this fabulous Anglo-Indian Pub "The Whitefield Arms" where "colonial meets contemporary". This British Pub is quite cosy and cute, almost surreal. "The Whitefield Arms" is a pub cum cafe of Waverly, named after Winston Churchill who used to stay at "Waverly Inn" at Whitefield. The place celebrates a history of Whitefield through its unique menu and Bengaluru's love for drinks. It has just the right kind of buzz, is vibrant with energy and there is never a dull moment in this place. Join with me friends while I take you all through this Colonial affair. 

The Whitefield Arms is a true Anglo-Indian pub which is grubby, loud and full of good cheer. Keeping in mind the malls black and white theme, this 10,000 sq ft gastro-pub has a colonial bungalow kind of entrance, black and white checked flooring's, high ceilings, brick walls and apparently the bar counter is Bengaluru's largest bar counter. Bar chairs, Regular tables and comfortable couches will make you a cosy couch potato inside the pub, Wanna breathe the fresh air? feel the wind on your face? or just gaze at the stars with your loved ones then you have an outdoor seating too with wooden picnic benches. The ambience of this English pub is so elegant, sophisticated, stylish also relaxed and casual, no wonder why it's one of the city's most wanted and loved places to hangout.


the city's longest bar counter

The Colonial Affair | Food and Drinks: 

Now comes the interesting part, a festival of senses I should say. Me and hubby had an amazing afternoon here, the food and drinks at "The Whitefield Arms" is a combination of food with love and is truly an enhancement of senses, the specially crafted meals here will take you and your loved ones to a special planet altogether and you are all sorted. We started off by ordering Haymarket Stacked Salad, this salad is a central London lunch favourite which is a matchstick salad with fresh greens and creamy mustard yogurt dressing. 

To pamper that sea food cravings, we tried out their Grilled prawns and Clay-Oven Grilled Grouper, these dishes were so fresh that you can actually smell the sea out of it and tasted perfect. 

grilled prawns 

Clay-Oven grilled grouper 

Do try out the Barrack's special, tender chicken thighs marinated with mint and coriander, grilled to perfection and served with a saffron yogurt and coriander dip. 

barrack's special 

Say hi to Copper Knob friends! one of the juiciest and yummiest burger I have come across, This spicy and crispy chicken burger stacks together some grilled onions, tomatoes, English cheddar cheese and arugula. It's truly a non vegetarians delight. 

copper knob 

burger fanatic i am 😉😉

In the King's choices, we ordered the Roast Lamb Shoulder, a recipe inspired from Annie, for every easter Annie would prepare her famous Roast Lamb Shoulder, that all of Whitefield swore by. The subtle aroma of saffron pilaf was way too good and we just chomped down the whole plate, smoked aubergine is also served with this. 

roast lamb shoulder with saffron pilaf

I should say that the barman has truly got some magic in his hands, he asked us our requirements and rightly matched it with perfect mixing, Colonial was a big hit, it had Gin, grapefruit, cherry and elder-flower, Gin is the star of the drink and am sure this aromatic pink will do the honors of lifting your mood. 


White Rum lovers, this is for you. This cocktail is a barmans special named as "19th century" 

barmans special - 19th century 

If you love Old monk in your cocktails, then do try this out "Air Mail" which had old monk, honey, limejuice and sparkling wine,

air mail
Overall, the food and drinks affair was amazing and has a way-back strong connect with the Anglo-Indian residents of Whitefield, something to remember, repeat and keep falling in love all over again and again. At "TheWhitefield Arms" the food will first look good as it tastes and as you taste it will be the best than you expected. Their nature to plate philosophy on food also celebrates a bounty of top quality ingredients and with the best of their services, its definitely a place to put on repeat mode. 

I would love to extend my hearty thanks to Pralay who's service was out-standingly brilliant and courteous enough, right from greeting us inside to patiently serving us and explaining about the concepts and dishes to bidding bye to us, he was perfect in his work of putting that happy smiles on his customer's face. The other wait-staff's were also at their best. 

The Crumb Stash's Rating's and Verdict: 

Ambience : 5/5
Quality : 5/5
Taste : 5/5
Drinks : 5/5
Service : 5/5 
Overall : 5/5 

The Service and other parameters have been rated 5/5 on constant visits to this beautiful place. When you are all tired at shopping in VR Bengaluru/Phoenix and when you feel your feet hurts, you have this place to relax, chill down, enjoy sumptuous food, peppy drinks and get pampered by their best services. Want to have a heart to heart conversation with your loved ones or enjoy with your gang of friends and family, then head to "The Whitefield Arms" and feast your heart out, Eat and drink till you drop and am sure this place will gaurantee to ensure that smile on your face all day long.  

The Crumb Stash enjoying the food @ The Whitefield Arms

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