Friday, 3 May 2019


Mesmerizing sunsets, quaint beaches, magnificent temples, and scrumptious food... These are just a few things that define Chennai. But I found a place that's quite synonymous to paradise, Well! a food paradise. If Chennai is considered to be India's gateway to South India, Dakshin at Crowne Plaza Chennai Adyar Park, a 30-year-old legendary restaurant that's been serving culinary brilliance for almost 3 decades is truly the gateway to South-Indian food. Yup! Dakshin has been and is a favorite adda of every food lover, figuratively and literally. There are few restaurants you come across that blows you away, not just good food being the only parameter, but also their service, ambiance, authenticity, vibes, and everything. You keep raving about it to others in every conversation about food and this is the power of a legendary brand. Dakshin is one such!

The hotel has seen so many changes from ITC Park Sheraton to Crowne Plaza, but Dakshin has always been there and it's a precious jewel to Chennai. It's 30 years of legacy and this iconic restaurant has stood the test of time in the city and lived up to its expectations. Dakshin opened it's doors to the public on April 14th, 1989 and till today it continues to be a beautiful dream for every foodie. Dakshin recently celebrated it's 30 years milestone on the 13th April 2019 with a peppy pool-side party. Guests for the special evening were from consulates, corporates, socialites, and media. The Crumb Stash was such a happy soul to be a part of this grandeur celebrations. 

That Peppy Evening! 
As the moon rose over the pool, the glittering hanging lights were up and the Crowne Plaza team decided to mesmerize us with a fun party, the team dressed up in traditional attire, the place was decked up with thoranams. The guests were welcomed by applying tikka, served fresh tender coconut water, live traditional South-Indian instrumental music at the background, and the subtle breeze silently humming tunes of the South made it a lingering experience for all the guests. 

The poolside dinner showcased Dakshin's most loved dishes from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. 
Mr.Jit Bose, Director of Sales and Marketing thanked all the guests, appreciated the entire team and spoke about 30 years journey of Dakshin.

Let's Now Splunge Into The Food Heaven! 
After the party, we were literally taken to the food heaven, Dakshin. I repeat! food heaven. Needless to say, the place is tastefully done keeping in mind a royal and elegant fine-dine space. The wonderful architecture and ambiance hint towards a South-Indian temple decor and the ambiance speaks of timeless elegance.

 Coming to the food part, Executive Chef Deva Kumar and his team literally break the stereotypes and have discovered the real pulse of South in all its glory and the legendary menu fits perfectly to brighten your day. Did you guys know this? Chef Deva is the most appreciated chef by the Chennai Super Kings team as Crowne Plaza Chennai Adyar Park is the abode for CSK team. 

Kickstarted the dinner with Banana Dosa, a bite-sized delight.  Very little did I know, that a humble banana can be made so yummy and lip-smacking. This melt in mouth dish was surely a treat for all of our palates and went amazingly well with the tamarind chutney. Chef had also added some crushed nuts to the banana dosa to get some crunch in the dish. the lovely aroma of cardamom that wafted around complimented the use of desi ghee, banana, and sugar.  It was clearly a crowd pleaser.

Then came the Kozhi Rasam as soup, for the starters came the Kozhi Varuval and Dakshin Yera, a finger-licking prawn delicacy which has been in the menu for 30 years now. These beautiful little prawns fresh right from the ocean, gorgeously done with the perfect spices has been a majority of patrons favorite. 

While I was just enjoying these little delights, Naveen a blogger friend of mine was so much raving about the Bisi Bele Bhath that he had relished multiple times here. I thought, he was so biased about the Bisi Bele Bhath, but legit I say, the chef broke that mindset. After having a spoon of it, I felt, "It's always not the scenes that you get to eat divine and delicious food only in temples as prasadam, sometimes you also find a gem of a place with temple-like architecture serving yummilicious food that is truly ambrosial on the palate.

O.M.G, I still can't get over this mouth-watering, super sumptuous, finger-licking, addictive and what not? Grateful to have had God's own food! 

It was time for me to indulge in my special non-veg thali. The huge silver plate had Parotta, Appam, Chicken Curry, Royallu Vepudu(prawn), Beetroot Poriyal, Pappu, Sambhar, Kai Kuruma, Rice and Curd. All the delectable dishes in the thali were absolutely worth trying. 

It would only be fair if a grandeur meal is punctuated with a dessertilicious finish. Ended the culinary extravaganza with two desserts Mukkani Icecream( ice cream made with jackfruit, mango, and banana) and Elaneer Payasam. I will describe these desserts as "Amirtham", its a Tamil word and means food of God's. That's the befitting word. 

When we thought it's a wrap-up, Dakshin threw another surprise on us. A meal doesn't get complete in South-India without the iconic filter coffee. Hold on... it's not just a cup of coffee, but you see.. the entire team is passion-obsessed, So Suresh, a very old employee, who is a master in coffee making came with the coffee pan and astonished us by pouring it over a meter. 

He will walk through your table and keep pouring the coffee over a meter, making people experience the mesmerizing aroma of Dakshin's famous filter coffee. Don't expect the ordinary here, it's simple and authentic food but presented in an extraordinary style. That extra serving of love makes all the difference. 

To commemorate Dakshin Turns 30 celebrations, Crowne Plaza conducted an exclusive masterclass with Chef Deva, where he did a live cookout of Dakshins most wanted and most loved dishes like the Banana Dosa, Vazha Shunti, Pacha Milagai Mandi.

There was also a cocktail making masterclass before the celebrations started. 

So, When you all go to Chennai next, finish your work, see the Marina beach, enjoy its beauty, and marvel at all those legendary tales surrounding it, once you have ticked that off of your list, you go to Dakshin for a truly warm, wholesome and a hearty meal and am sure it will turn out to be a meal that you are not likely to forget in your lifetime anytime soon.

Overall, my experience at Dakshin was so special and a unique one that will stay in my heart forever.
Right from the extensive and indulgent menu, to all the delicious offerings to the wonderful service that was like a beautiful dream, Dakshin makes a gastronomical history. Legendary brands always have an emotional connect, Imagine, how nice it is to see a 21-year guy telling how his parents used to bring him here when he was a little above 10 and he has now come with his friends, it's nice to see this growing association and cute memories that overwhelms people.
In the end, I discovered only one thing,  that Dakshin's recipe for success has been the same throughout these 30 years, devotion and dedication!

The Chef who has been with Dakshin for 30 years.. 

Hearty Thanks to Mr.Jit Bose, Director of Sales and Marketing for such amazing and warm hospitality. The passion he possesses is something commendable. 

With Mr.Jit Bose and Naveen

Thanks a bunch to GV Media Tech for amazing me with this wonderful opportunity and for all the perfect arrangements. A huge round of applause to the entire Crowne Plaza team for the lovely hospitality and for all the cute surprises that kept coming throughout. 

Stay tuned for the next blog guys where I will be talking more about the journey and stay. It's gonna be a fun one! 
Bye for now. 

Wednesday, 1 May 2019


Hey, you all my dearies, here is a special blog post for you all. I have always been constantly exploring the best restaurants and best food festivals happening around the city just for you guys and today's post has just me doing that. 
This is very special to me because, a couple of weeks back I took a trip down to the land of golden desserts! Okay, not literally, but I indulged lavishly in the "Royal Flavours Of Rajasthan" hosted by The Hebbal Cafe, Courtyard By Marriott Bengaluru. I know a lot of you love the "Land of Forts and Palaces" and you must be quite held up with your busy schedules. That's why I am telling, you just gotta visit "The Hebbal Cafe" before the 5th of May to get a slice of Rajasthan through its lip-smacking food. So, turn on your touristy mode, come with me and be a part of this royal trip down to Rajasthan, but by being in Bengaluru itself. 

This Rajasthani food festival is exclusively curated by visiting Chef Laxmi Narayan from The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa along with Chef Lakhbir Singh, Executive Chef of Courtyard By Marriott Bengaluru Hebbal. The buffet is available for both lunch and dinner till 5th.  So feast on a lavish Rajasthani Thali and other delicacies of the Rajputs and give your tastebuds a flavourful shock.

Let's go...

Start off your meal with Bajre ki Raab, a chilled millet drink and then indulge in some meaty delights like Mass ke Sule, lamb treated with a marinade of kacchri, cloves, red chilies, yogurt smoked and grilled to perfection in the tandoor and the Pichola Macchi, a burned garlic flavored deep fried dish.

The indescribably good Lal Maas dunked with red chilies is something I still can't get over, the spicy and succulent Murgh Shekhawati, which is just the way it should be! All the non-veg dishes boast the states rich meat legacy and are worth discussing not only for its rich and flavorsome taste but also for its intricate preparation. 

Veggies, pair your roti's/pulao with the Paneer Mircha, Ker Sanger made with ker berries and sangri, vegetables that are unique to the area and the Jodhpuri Ghatte, an exclusive recipe from the Maharani's cookbook.

Don't miss to try out the Dal Bati Churma, you will love the combination of spicy panchmel dal, baked bati and sweet crumbly churma. 

If piping hot baati's dipped in ghee and soothing dal is just not enough, then indulge in the Shekhawati Dahi Wada, a curd delicacy which literally bursts with flavors and every bite will have a crunch of these cashews and raisins. 

End the round of indulgence with desserts like Malai Ghewar and Malpua. 

Courtyard by Marriott Hebbal is giving you all the ultimate #RAJASTHANIFOODGOALS. Sounds exciting? Grab your Bae, friends and family and soak yourselves in the royal Rajasthani flavors. 

Note: The festival is on till the 5th of May
Buffet Lunch: INR 1400 + taxes
Buffet Dinner: INR 1500 + taxes 

The Hebbal Cafe - Courtyard By Marriott Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Tuesday, 16 April 2019


Good food makes us all happy, and that too when it's utterly decadent with little pockets of whimsy, you definitely feel at the top of the world, don't you? Yes! I did feel at the top of the world a week back as I  gotta experience "A French Fiesta" exclusively curated by Chef Roxanne, a leading lady chef who has a rich 14 years of experience working in some of Europe's finest Michelin starred restaurant and to all the contemporary audiences out there, Chef Roxanne is cooking out a French storm till the 20th of April. So get set your taste buds ready to indulge in a range of French delicacies and discover a bit of France. 

 French cuisine is a genre that is totally magic. Step into ALBA,  JW MARRIOTT HOTEL BENGALURU to experience the French gastronomy until the April 20th and for a moment you will wonder if you are in India or in France. The 5-course menu is truly an expression of upbeat creativity. From heirloom tomatoes, gazpacho to lobster, sea bass, baby potatoes to lamb racks the experience was opulent. 
So foodies, listen up! I am gonna give you 3 reasons why you should not miss to indulge in this lavish French gastronomy. 

1. Feel Top-Notch

There is always a magical allure that is associated with ALBA and you can never get enough of it. Arguably it's one of the cities poshest restaurants and the ambiance speaks of timeless elegance. If you have been wanting to take your special someone on a romantic dinner date, then this French Fiesta is the apt one to surprise your Bae. 

This time it's not just the ambiance, but the French delicacies that are plated like a piece of art, Head to ALBA to treat your palate with all the love and experience the textures that play a flirtatious dance. 

2. Make Your Insta Feed Look Bomb

This French Fiesta is for all the Instagram freaks out there! If your primary goal is to click pictures that literally looks like a piece of art and make your Insta feed look like a bomb, you must experience this French storm to snap all the drool-worthy pics. I must admit here that The French Fiesta has taken the plating game to the next level. Presenting to you some of the dishes from the 5-course meal. 

Started off with a gazpacho, I never thought a humble gazpacho would look so sexy and modern! The white foam is made with tomato liquid and once you scoop inside, you will get a refreshing bite of tomato, cucumber and bell pepper. 


That fritter on the gazpacho, done with tomato mousse and that art though... 

O..M..G... What a tomato it was! With the gazpacho vinaigrette, these heirloom tomatoes can't get sexier than this. 

It's pumpkin soup, carrot roasted pumpkin seed. I always have a thing for pouring shots and it's pumpkin bisque being poured into the roasted carrot pumpkin seed. I have never had such a delicate dish like this in the whole of my life, So silky and delicate this dish was. 

I know how it feels for you to click such insta-worthy pics which is truly a visual treat. 

3. Explore, There Is Truly Nothing More Liberating Than Exploring Different Cuisines And Good Food. 

If you are feeling all lost and dazed under the scorching heat, just turn off the heat and explore The French Fiesta at ALBA. When you can feel French just by looking at the French delicacies that are plated like art on the canvas, how can you afford to miss exploring the gourmet experience? This French food fest is a one-of-a-kind experience letting you get to experience a bit of France.
Look what all I explored!
Baby Potato, mushroom, onion and truffle and I call it as a beautiful dream 

Duck Liver, an exclusive dish which all the duck lovers went crazy! There was a thin lace kinda sheet plated along with the dish, Gotta know from the chef that this thin lace is apple mousse. This is why I am telling you when you explore these kinda cuisines you feel so good. 

Sea bass, mushroom, onion, and truffle. I am not a seafood lover, but trust me guys I don't want to look back and think I could've eaten that! So I tasted this and yes I could relate to how the sea-food lovers went gagagaaa on this. 

So, another pouring shot! Lamb rack, sunchoke, bell pepper and that's the lamb jus being poured. 

Let me tell you more about this one, the lamb rack has a herb crust and can you see that black jelly, it's a black olive jelly done with black olive and agar agar. What's a French Fiesta without molecular gastronomy? 

The French Fiesta feels not too slim at all and this sexy Beet Arborio, Ricotta Cheese tho.

Finished exploring the French affair with a yummy dessert, strawberries, vanilla, and yogurt. Those gorgeous strawberries shined loud and clear, yet was perfectly in symphony with other flavors. 

Now, you know the 3 reasons why you can't afford to miss this French Gastronomy. Check out the fiesta guys to explore more. Book your table before the 20th of April and indulge in the 5 course Frech extravaganza. 

A Mandatory Pic with Chef Roxanne, Chef de Cuisine of The Reflections at The Athene Hotel, a luxury hotel in Bangkok.

Au Revoir and Bonne journ`ee!