Monday, 18 June 2018


'Twas exactly ten days before, when all the food enthusiasts, food writers, foodpreneurs and aspiring foodies of the charming city Bengaluru, were all getting ready once again to witness the most precious moments with the most influential chefs and super-stars of the culinary world. Yayyyy, you got it right! World On A Plate - Season 3 it is guys. A week before the grandeur event it was a flurry of social media buzz, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook were crazily overwhelming with WOAP posts, while few excited fans of these culinary Gods eagerly participated in the contests to win the passes, restaurateurs confirming their pop-ups and menu, VR Bengaluru also called as The Black Box on the Whitefield Road was getting all decked up for it's second birthday, and me marked my calendars well in advance, finished my Delhi itinerary a day before the event, cancelled all the weekend plans and all these just to be a part of this prestigious event.  

World On A Plate Season 3 was kick-started with the culinary expert and chef Saransh Goila demonstrating his butter chicken on the June 8th, walk-ins cherished the dish at the VR Bengaluru premises and few enjoyed the dish at the comfort of their home by ordering via Uber Eats. 
Finally, the big day came June 9th, and June 10th. Oh, My God! What a wonderful day it was. A bright day full of sweet surprises by Australia's most loved celebrity chefs and India's most loved celebrity chefs too.

 As you all know VR Bengaluru turned two and on behalf of the mighty celebrations, they inaugurated the "India's Biggest Gourmet Festival World On A Plate Season 3" produced by Gold Rush Entertainment. It was an immense pleasure for The Crumb Stash to be a part of this prestigious event and to meet the Dictionaries of  Culinary World, interact with them, get to be a part of their master-classes and also to taste the food exclusively and expertly curated by them. The place was absolutely buzzing and roaring with happy and charming vibes. 
The whole crowd screamed out in joy as the heart-throb George Calombaris entered the stage which was the most awaited moment for the food-lovers, and then came the most beautiful, gorgeous and knowledgeable Sarah Todd...

Okay! Hold on your breath now,  It was next Chef Ranveer Brar, the most handsome and people's all-time favorite 

and then the Butter Chicken guy, Saransh Goila, George Calombaris calls his butter chicken as the world's famous butter chicken. 

The food prepared by these culinary experts were super-glam to see and tasted super-perfect. Here is a sneak-peak of those gastronomic delights which captivated our senses. 

Chef George Calombaris - Potato Skordalia With Black Garlic and Walnuts 

Chef Ranveer Brar - Burn't Miso White Chocolate Modak 

Chef Sarah Todd - Kholapuri Slow Cooked Lamb on Beetel Leaves

Chef Saransh Goila - Goila Butter Chicken and Butter Chicken Roll 

Kiran Soans, CEO of Gold Rush Entertainment said, "We believe in creating exquisite experiences for our customers. Our previous association with VRSA for World on a Plate was a raging success. Even this season, we've brought global celebrities of fine dining: George Calombaris, Sarah Todd and Ranveer Brar. This edition of World on a Plate is bigger in scale and size and guaranteed to be an unparalleled culinary journey for connoisseurs and aspiring chefs." 

WOAP Season 3 was truly an extravaganza for all those fans of George Calombaris, as there was a GC gourmet fine dining experience too which happened in Toscano and the participants got a photo opportunity with George. 

In addition to all these, patrons came out in support for GIFT A MEAL with HUG, an initiative to collect funds for the underprivileged as part of a hunger management program which aims to give 1,00,000 meals in 2018. 

I wish to extend my hearty thanks to Philips for the contests and motivating people to win. It was truly a great experience to win prizes from the celebrity chefs. 

Overall, it was a sooper-dooper event. VR Bengaluru and Gold Rush, you guys keep rocking it every time, It was literally like a carnival with atleast 35 exciting pop-ups hosting a festival of flavours,  buzzing with food talks, fun,laughters, fan-girl/fan-boy moments.  Truly an amazing day which will forever be etched in my memories. 

Finishing off this blog-post with my fan-girl moments with the Culinary Dictionaries. 

With George Calombaris

With Ranveer Brar

With Saransh Goila 
Signing off with a very big Thank You to PPR, VR Bengaluru, Gold Rush, Philips and everyone who supported me throughout my videos and posts. Bye for now dearies...

Tuesday, 12 June 2018


As the holiest month of Ramzan officially hits the Islamic Calendar, there's a lot of positivity and spiritual vibes spreading around. One can witness the restaurants and vendors putting in a lot of effort to make the Ramzan month a delicious affair offering devouring dishes to satisfy everyone's craving. This is the time when food lovers in the city are obsessed by the flavors of Ramzan. To enchant the people this holy month, Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway is hosting a gastronomic extravaganza with loads of Iftar delicacies making the festival an interesting one.

Join me as I take you all through the evening which we enjoyed. "Feast" at Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway is a fine-dining buffet restaurant serving yummy Continental, North-Indian and South-Indian delicacies as a part of their daily buffet. Being the Ramzan season, the chef had showcased some expertly curated Ramzan delicacies and the menu changes on daily basis. Starting from dates to break the fast to meaty treats like kebabs, Battidar Chops, Kalonji Murgh, Jarwar Murgh, Bhuna Murgh Chicken, Haleem and Dumba Biriyani, every dish was a royal feast.

Every Muslim break their Iftar by eating dates, I wanted to follow them and even I started off the meal with dates.

Then I managed to get my hands on the juicy kebabs. Battidar Chops was the first one which got my attention, lamb chops marinated in flavorsome masala, cooked till tender and was a delight. Tried the Kalonji Murgh too. In the vegetarian, Masala Bhutte Kebab turned out to be everyone's favorite. 

Then came the huge handi of Mutton Haleem in the array and I decided to treat my taste-buds with that slow-cooked delicious mash of meat, lentils, wheat and some aromatics too.

The Iftar spread had a decent range of curries to pair with the Rotis and Biryani like Jarwar Murgh, Nalli Nihari, Bhuna Murgh Chicken and Beef Curry and all of these quite impressed us. The Bhuna Murgh Chicken was a nice and luscious curry with some wonderful Indian spices.  Nalli Nihari, a slow cooked curry was truly a meat lover's delight. The combination of tender and succulent mutton and the aromatics left us asking for more.

A Special mention to the fragrant Dumba Biriyani which had a young whole goat marinated in spices that sat on its feet and the goat is slow cooked to perfection, then kilos of par-cooked biriyani rice is added to it and dum cooked in the slow fire. Totally loved the fried eggs which were a surprise element as we dug into this delight. This one had the capacity to make people feel like a King/Queen. The chef had pulled out great patience to do this.

There's also an array of yummy and rich sweets to indulge in which made our hearts and lips smile every time we scooped a bite. The classic Shahi Tukda, Champa Kali, Balushahi, Lacha Dhoodh, Gulab Phirni and Chocolate Burfri were all a visual treat to the eyes as well as to the taste buds too. 

Overall it was a lavish gourmet menu and a big round of applause to Chef Anthony for expertly curating this Royal Iftar Feast.

So friends, do check out the Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway and indulge to your hearts and tummy's content.

Eid Mubarak everybody!

Tuesday, 15 May 2018


They say that "When life throws you a burger, eat it", that's what we did a couple of weeks back when a friend of us decided to treat us in the very famous burger joint "InHouse Burger".  It was a bright Sunday afternoon, with random thoughts about this place we drove to Kalyan Nagar, it's in the 2'nd block HRBR layout and was quite easy to spot the place.  Burger has always been my go-to comfort food and I was quite excited to try them. Burger joints are increasing in the city and  InHouse Burger, a chain of 6 outlets in Bengaluru has let go of the conventional McDonalds and KFC burgers by adopting more creative approaches trying out different breads, patties, healthy toppings, sauces and even the sides which comes along with these. 

InHouse Burger has 6 outlets now and is available in Whitefield ITPB and Prestige Shantiniketan, Marathahalli, Kalyan Nagar, Bellandur, Jayanagar. Apart from Kalyan Nagar and Jayanagar, the other 4 branches are inside tech parks to satisfy the cravings and hunger pangs of the employees. One remarkable point to appreciate about InHouse Burger is the effort they have taken to make the trending products more healthy. Their burgers are visually appealing and equally pleasing the taste-buds too. 

The ambiance of the place is kept minimalistic but with comfortable seatings and facilities, a QSR should have. With all excitement, gazing at their delicious versions, I kickstarted the burger party by ordering a Grilled InHouse Chitpole Non-Veg Burger and Mixed Berry Oats shake to quench my thirst. This scrumptious burger sits under a juicy chicken pattie accompanied with crunchy coleslaw and chipotle chicken. This ultimate wonder works almost like a magnet to the burger lovers. 

Then, I was not able to wait to try the crazy colored burgers which is one of the coolest trends in the casual eats. InHouse Burger had two colored burgers, red and black. The Classic red burger is made with beetroot extract and the Bourbon black burger is made with extracts of edible activated charcoal and ragi. 

These colored burgers come with lip-smacking patties, chicken/paneer/lamb and salad topped with generous amount of sauces and packed between the burger buns are truly finger-licking delicous and has gained a major attention of the crowd. These colored burgers are totally safe to consume and tasty on your palate too. 
Vegetarians, you don't need to worry. The option for you all is quite good. Yup! Few of my vegetarian friends tried the Mushroom Southwest Burger, InHouse Wham Veg Burger, Tandoori Paneer Burger and found it to be yummy. 

Apart from the Burgers, the place also serves a range of salads. I tried the Tabasco Mushroom Salad, spice lovers would really love this one. The pungent and hot tabasco gives a kick to the salad. The salads are so simple, quick and satisfying meal by itself. 

The shakes and juices menu of InHouse Burger is completely healthy version. Yup! they have oats milkshakes, Cold pressed juices without sugar. I had tried the Mixed Berry Oats Shake, was good, but the berry taste was on a milder side. 

The Crumb Stash's Verdict: 

InHouse Burgers are rising up as a new charm in the city, thanks to that. So, Burger lover's, am saying you do not miss this place. They serve some mouth-watering and drool-worthy burgers. The choices are good enough and easy-on-the-pocket global food. Fix you hunger pangs, burger cravings and delight your office/house party with these delicious burgers. 

Do try friends and am looking forward to your response too. 

Happy Eating! 

Inhouse Burger Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Friday, 11 May 2018


Hi you all, Hope the weekend chilling vibes has started to hit you all. Confused on where to dine with your loved ones for the weekend? Relax, here you go, head to Mamagoto, the Pan-Asian place,  oops sorry it's Fun-Asian eating place which is much better than Pan-Asian. Mamagoto has an ongoing amazing fest called as "The Bowl Manifesto".  Keeping rice/noodles as the hero ingredient, the bowl meals offers an intelligent blend of preparations with tofu, chicken, lamb, pork and some exotic veggies.

Mamagoto means "to play with food", they say that it's too serious to term their food as authentic. For them, it's all about a fusion of inspiration from the Asian street hawkers. They keep coming up with crazy drinks and quirky new dishes very frequently and it makes us all excited. That's how popped up "The Bowl Manifesto" which took us all to the cloud nine. The ambiance is very funky with all the mamagoto elements. The place buzzes with casual and charming vibes making it a fun place after a tiring day at work.

Come join me as I take you all through the story of the rocking bowl meals, a perfect comfort food which made us all super-stunned. We started off with the Aromatic Rice Meal Tofu, there was even a choice of fish in this, but we opted to go with Tofu first. It was too aromatic and also teasing our eyes, we quickly grabbed a spoonful and it was pure indulgence. The saucy and silky tofu, crispy asparagus and the fibrous snow-peas with the aromatic jasmine rice was truly a treat to our taste-buds.

Aromatic Rice Meal Tofu 

Now it was turn for the Non-Veg eaters, came the 8 Treasure Bowl where we tried both the chicken and lamb and 5/5 for both the bowls. It was nice, spicy and delectable.

Spice lovers and udon noodle lovers,  you need to try the Medium Hot Mushroom which had assorted mushrooms, chili reduction, spring onion, udon noodles and dry red chilies.

Medium Hot Mushroom

The seafood lovers seemed to love their Aromatic Rice Meal Fish which had huge chunks of basa fish tossed in homemade chili sauce and sat on the bed of aromatic jasmine rice

Aromatic Rice Meal Fish

Then comes the zesty Tofu 2 Way which brilliantly accentuated the whole experience. Tofu in pepper sauce,  tofu in salt & pepper, udon noodles and veggies is the casting of this bowl. This one blinged with bold flavors and was a soul-nourishing one.

Tofu 2 Way

The menu also had this interesting Bao "Unbelievabao" with chicken and duck as fillings. These pillowy soft bao's are not just a bowl but super bowl worthy.


Finally we tried the Hot China Action . It's tough not to love this elegantly plated dish which had slow poached chicken with Schezuan chilli oil, served with ginger and scallion sticky fried rice. The schezuan chilli oil is poured on the rice, mixed well and served. The confluence is totally magical.

Hot China Action

Then finished off the dinner heartily with these desserts

The Crumb Stash's Verdict:

"The Bowl Manifesto" is something you should not afford to miss friends, it's new different and fun from what you have been eating routinely. These bowl meals were all lip-smacking, exotic, spicy and nothing short of spectacular.  Do give it a try people, am sure it will rule your palate and heart.

Happy Eating! 

Mamagoto Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato