Monday, 31 December 2018


SUNDAY is a day where you gotta say, "Move over coffee, today is a job for champagne" and Sunday is probably one day where you get to de-stress and rejuvenate after a long tiring week and what better way to do so than spending it with your favorite people enjoying a lavish spread with bottomless drinks and music that will grow on you. Gokulam Grand Hotel & Spa Bangalore has got a wild and lavish spread to satisfy all your lazy Sunday desires. The tempting spread and also that little bit of sunlight that peeps into will translate a lazy day to an endless supply of photo opportunities. 

As we march towards another joyous year, I am happy to share my cozy Sunday Brunch experience at Gokulam Grand Hotel and Spa, Almost 6-7 live counters, above 200 dishes, unlimited alcohol, a delicious combination of taste, variety and value, Gokulam Grand Hotel has got you tied to celebrate a laid-back brunch. Cheers to that!. 

Started off with a warm bowl of Mongolian Vegetable Soup, the interesting part here was we made our own soup bowl. There was both the veg and non-veg stock kept and we had the choice to add our own veggies/meat as per our heart. I totally loved this concept and enjoyed every sip of it. 

There was a simple salad bar and also compound salads. Me being a salad lover, it was a visual treat to my eyes and also to my tastebuds. The Rosemary pumpkin quarter with tomato salsa, roasted mushroom with carrot and celery, poached pears and plum with sundry tomato were my pick in the vegetarian. In non-veg, the chicken tikka with yogurt & mint dressing, grilled chicken breast and avocado with garlic and herb dip tasted yumm. 

It's a lavish spread needless to say and you have abundant to pick from. The Sushi bar and the Dimsum counter, in fact, made me change my seating from one corner to this cozy corner.

 Not to miss the staple dosa and appam counter, also one gets to taste a variety of chaats, pav bhaji with kheema is something you should not miss on. If you get bored of the chutneys and stew,  then add on that zing to your dosa's and appam with the mutton kheema, you will thank me.

 There's also an exclusive Italian counter where the pizza, varieties of cheese and pasta shined with grace. 

I have to talk about the Grills N Frills section where fresh fish, chicken cuts, beef steaks, chicken wings and many more were kept. One gets to choose their loved style of cooking and that comes to your table. 

In the Mains section, the South-Indian in me made me try the Kerala red rice with Dal Tadka and Ulli Theeyal that comforted my soul to a different level. The Double Baked Potato was so soothing, and the Egg Chettinad got a round of applause from each and every one of us. 

The Vegetable Burrito Pie was a little dry and lacked in flavors, but there were so many other dishes to relish on. 

Desserts that literally spoke lavishness made my head spin, but each and every dessert easily stole our hearts. It's very difficult to pick which one is the best, but here is my list... Strawberry Pannacotta, Vanilla Bavarois with Berry Pista Streusel, Mocha Chiffon Chocolate Coffee Parfait, Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese, Apple Puff Tart and Mint Macaroon were the clear crowd pleasers. 

Above all, here's the cracker. Gokulam Grand Hotel and Spa Bangalore has priced this buffet very competitively at INR 1999+taxes for non-alcoholic and INR 2999+ taxes for alcoholic with sparkling wine. Its great value for money in addition to the quality, service and ambience it offers. 

Now you know where to head for your Sunday Brunch. Head to Gokulam Grand Hotel and soak yourselves in pure indulgence. 


Food is never just about quality, it's about memory, nostalgia, about the mood when you ate it and even how beautiful the location is. That's everything about Maia! A bungalow that got converted into a cute and insta-worthy restaurant. Not just that! tucked into a quiet residential area at Bellandur this restaurant lives to serve a lot of yummy ancestral recipes across the world. Yes, if you have some recipes that's close to your heart made by your mom, grandmom/great grandmom then do write to Maia and they will include it in their mother's menu. 

A couple of weeks back, we were here to celebrate their first year anniversary and also experience their new menu. The day started off with a fun bread making workshop under the guidance of Sejal Shah who owns the restaurant along with her nephew Ishaan. We learned to make milk bread, beetroot, and spinach bread. 

Then a beautifully decked up table exclusively set up just for us was waiting eagerly, We all then sat to indulge. 

Kickstarted the afternoon with some warm broccoli and butter soup that was perfect for the balmy weather. Have to mention the Green Salad with Maia's homegrown passion-fruit dressing which was so addictive, the passion fruit is from their own garden and there were tons of it.

There came the wait-staff so graciously with the Burmese Khow-Suey, a Burmese delicacy that literally bursted with flavors, it's a very ancestral recipe from Rangoon and Sejal learned it from one of her aunt. Sejal, also said that this delicacy is something which she had cherished for over 30 years now. 

The new menu has some really yummy starters like the corn and paneer seekh kebab, Veg Kebab and Hara Bhara Kebab. Maia sources it paneer freshly from Delhi on daily basis and their Spicy Paneer Tikka literally melted in our mouth. 

Hara Bhara Kebab

Veg Seekh 

From the Patti Samosa, a treasured recipe from a Gujarati family to Pindi Chole to Matar ka Nimona everything had a beautiful story behind it and it was all from the mother's kitchen. Especially the Matar ka Nimona, a UP-based delicacy was rendered to Maia by a cute mom and daughter and was totally rave-worthy. 

I have to talk about the "Cutting Paani", an amazing initiative taken by Maia. Ask me what it is? Here we go, So Bangalore is on the list of the large cities heading to Day Zero, a day where people will have to queue up to get water. In order to preserve water, Maia does this, they ask their customer whether they want full-glass or cutting (half). This ensures that only the amount of water he/she requires is poured and not wasted.

Finished off the lunch with a sexy looking dessert platter. 

I was totally awe-struck with the beauty of the place. the passion behind it and the way they cherish not just their ancestors but ours also. The owners had perfectly done the job of rekindling that cultural values of our food. 
Overall Maia is all about serenity, happy memories with family and friends, joy, hope and love. 

Find your way to Maia: Siri Pristine, Plot No.253, Opposite Green Glen Layout, Bellandur, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560103. 

The Crumb Stash wishes you all a very very Happy New Year, do whatever you love and whatever makes you happy. Good-Bye all and see you all soon in my next blog.


Saturday, 29 December 2018


They say that "Italian food is a culture, not just a cuisine" and if you've ever wondered what would it feel like getting lost in a beautiful reverie, then you must visit this gem "BENE" in Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway. This chic and sophisticated Ristorante is an abode to authentic Italian food, its one of the most expensive Italian restaurant in the city, but also the most extravagant and it's difficult for me to define BENE in few words. Right from the moment you step off the elevator on the 4th floor, everything screams luxury and BENE is your ticket to Italy, that's it!. A visit to this beautiful place would definitely be worth it and there's something magical there which will keep you wandering.

If you are hunting down for the best Italian restaurant to make your Sunday a special one, then you have to try out the fun and hearty Sunday Pranzo at this pure Italian destination to fill in both your heart and tummy, Chef Roberto Apa is there to excite and tantalize your taste-buds with a range of delicacies. You fancy a piping hot pizza fresh out of the oven or a plateful of saucy, buttery pasta, some classical Italian starters, perfectly seasoned salads, fluffy focaccia or some delicioso Italian desserts, you name it, this wonderful destination is sure to quench your Italian cravings.

The restaurant is designed in such a way that you get to experience a slice of Italy just by being a couch potato. With wooden furnitures, an ambiance that destresses you, cozy couches adorning those pretty corners, cute wine barrels, a stylish bar, soothing Italian music setting romantic vibes in the air and an extensive wine list, BENE promises a gourmet journey with the utmost attention given to the details.

Now let's dive straight into the foodie heaven!

It was literally a visual treat to see so many items aligned up for the Sunday Brunch. First, my eyes went towards the cheese side. I strongly believe that there's never been a sadness that can't be cured by cheese. So, we kick-started off the brunch by filling our plates with some yummy and whole-bodied cheese, prunes and apricots. 

Then moved on to the salads which were totally yummy. The quinoa and couscous salad is a must mention coz my love for quinoa is a never-ending affair,  mushrooms sauteed in butter garlic, the beet salad with radish and everything was rave-worthy. 

There was also a wide range of cold cut meats that I didn't try.  

And then.. slowly the fluffy buns and focaccia got my attention. Now, tell me guys! What's an Italian affair without focaccias? How can I not grab some when it was glistening with olive oil and fronds of rosemary wafted that aroma. I did grab some and indulged in. 😃😃😃😃

The grilled chicken with veggies topped with Bene's secret sauces is a must try. If you are a pork lover, then don't miss the pork belly.

If you are a person who thinks, "What would my life be, if there is no Parmesan to grate over my pasta, salads or mozarella over my pizza", then BENE has got your back! Their pizzas and pastas are extra yummy because of their In-house cheese and sauces. 

The aroma that wafted around the pasta corner lifted everyone's mood and after a certain time, we all flocked the pasta space and I got my mushroom ravioli sauteed in mushroom sauce. If you want to surprise your bae, then listen! keep some spaghetti, wine and say it with flowers!. 

The Sunday Brunch is priced at Rs.1999 + taxes (without alcohol), Rs.2999 + taxes (with alcohol). and also has a wide wide range of desserts to satisfy your sweet-tooth craving. There's lots guys and the Tiramisu 3.0 here is so good, nothing compares, nothing! the caffeine kick in it definitely picked me up. Do try out the Mandarin and Yogurt Jujubes, Torta Caprese and their gelatos are also yumm. 


Overall, BENE is a luxury place to discover real Italian flavors and its a place with endless gastronomic innovations. So if you are looking out to sweep your partner away with a romantic fare that will create memories then you can visit Bene,  pamper and spoil your Bae rotten with some delicious world-class food. 

Ciao Bene, you were pretty darn good! And loads of love to you all!