Thursday, 29 August 2019


Off-late I have been taking a culinary journey to all sorts of exotic places!. Well, not exactly travelling but literally, Bangalore is spoiling me rotten with various food festivals and recently I was at the Courtyard By Marriott Bengaluru Hotel to experience the SriLankan Culinary Safari and they made me get into a food coma with some lip-smacking and aromatic Sri-Lankan delicacies. What I absolutely loved about this festival is, they have brought in Chef Isuru Samarasinghe all the way from SriLanka and he has thoughtfully curated this food fest with all the surprises. 

The SriLankan Culinary Safari started on 17th August and is on till the 1st of September, open for both lunch and dinner at the Hebbal Cafe. 

Now let's dive into SriLanka's most magnificent delicacies.

I and my friend reached the place really late and the first thing that got my attention was the Kothu Parotta that was kept in the table prepared for the other friends of ours. My hungry tummy literally made me grab a few spoonfuls of Kothu, and was super surprised with the party of flavours it had in my mouth. 

Meanwhile, the clanking of metal on metal drew my attention and I knew that chef was making a fresh batch for other customers and I ran there with my camera to catch him in action. While I managed to get a few candid clicks of Chef Isuru, I was also eagerly waiting for my plate. The wonderful mix and mash of chicken, egg and kuruma/salna made it deliciously spicy. 

I managed to divert myself to other dishes, and then this vibrant yellow SriLankan Papaya Achar got me right there. 

There was also a range of Sambol like Poi Sambol, a condiment made with coconut, dry red chillies and onion,  Onion Sambol and varieties of pickles too. 

I am a huge fan of SriLankan sambols, you give me a plate of rice/string-hoppers with some of these sambols and I am the happiest gal. 

Then it was time to drench ourselves in the SriLankan curries. There was Crab Curry, Jaffna Chicken Curry, Cashewnut & Green Peas Curry, SriLankan Mutton Curry and the SriLankan Pine-Apple Curry. 

We all went gagagaaaa on this SriLankan Pine-apple curry, I know you are wondering, a curry with pine-apple???? when I can't even have it with my pizza!!. But take my words and I dare you to give it a try, this sweet and spicy hot curry will pamper your delicate taste-buds and give you foodgasms. Just go for it peeps!. 

And how do I forget the delectable Cashewnut & Green Peas Curry? Went amazingly well with the rice and string-hoppers. Would have loved it with Appam too. 

Aren't these making you melt?? Hold on, there are desserts too. 

We ended the SriLankan Culinary Safari on a really happy note with an assortment of exclusive SriLankan desserts. Coconut milk, cinnamon and jaggery being an integral part of the SriLankan cuisine, there was this famous and traditional egg-based dessert called Watalappam which vowed everyone. The Undu was also a good one, but what roared loudly for me was the Milk Burfi, cos for me,  If you talk about SriLankan desserts, this milk toffee comes to my mind first and it was an absolute delight to relish it in the fest. 

If you are soul with sweet-tooth, then am sure you are bound to crave them more!

I hope these pictures make you drool and awaken your taste-buds! It's on till the September 1st guys and is open for both lunch and dinner.  Go for it!. 

For reservations, call: 080-61226777

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Tuesday, 27 August 2019


Here's to another most enjoyed culinary trip to Uttarakhand, The Land of Gods. Uttarakhand is one of the most beautiful and serene states of our country that might even make you forget Switz and what if you get a glimpse of this scenic place through its food in your very own Ooru.  I know this crazy city life and hectic work schedules has kept us away from finding some respite in the tranquil beauty of the mountains and indulging into the natural flavours has not happened for a very long time and now, it's the ultimate time we explore and relish them. That's the reason why Nook at Aloft Bengaluru Cessna Business Park decided to charm Namma Bengaluru with the rustic food festival called  "Flavours of Uttarakhand" 

If you are a food lover and love exploring new cuisines, then the delicacies of this beautiful mountain state needs your immediate attention and hold on... Let me give you 5 reasons why you should visit Nook at Aloft and experience the Flavours of Uttarakhand. 

1. Because The Garhwali Food is Undeniably Tasty: 

Yup! Feast on the amazing range of delicacies from the serene Uttarakhand. Not very spicy, but the flavours of Garhwal is colourful and flavoursome too. With so many dishes to eat from the fest, here is the bucket list of those you must hit first. 

Bandiya Murga - I literally stuck to this chicken starter for quite some time. 

Once you are done relishing the chicken starter, try your hands on Mutton Kachmori Kebab, its aromatic flavour and delicious taste will make this one your favourite dish 

And the vegetarians may relish on this Bhujji Tikki that's made out of peas and radish. 

Do not miss out on the Garhwali Chicken Curry for any reasons. Its flavour will literally blow you away. 

2. Get to Pamper Your Taste-Buds: 

Yaehhh... Why not guys?? You gotta take a break and pamper your taste-buds with no elaborate cooking procedures, but just the right mix of farm-fresh ingredients and relatively less-known spices. Have a look at the dishes that pampered me 

Godra Ki Bhuji, a ridge-gourd preparation for which I can go back, the taste is still lingering in my mouth. 

Mooli ki Thinchwani, a curry made with radish. Just taste this and it will give you exactly what your soul needs.  

3. Satiate Your Foodie Soul:

A simple meal of Maithyaali Roti, Kode ki Roti, Bakra ki Sikar, Pindaloo ka Saag, Satti Bhat and tickling varieties of chutneys like Phulam ki Chutney, Green Grapes Chutney, Khubani ki chutney, Til ki Chutney and Pine-apple Chutney will accentuate your experience 

4. Know Why God Landed In Uttarakhand: 

You will be surprised and blown away by the rustic flavours and you will get to know why this charming place has been rightly hand-picked by God. 

5. An Ode To All Things Pahadi: 

The exciting flavours is an ode to all things Pahadi and it might make up your mind to pack your bags right away and explore more of Uttarakhand. 

Say Hi to Bhutun Bhaat, a Uttarakhand style fried rice kinda preparation. I really loved the usage of Jakhiya, a type of mustard that's mostly consumed in Uttarakhand.

And.... O.M.G... How can I forget the Chainsoo, a traditional Pahadi recipe made with black dal? Still not able to get over its earthy flavours. 

The fest is on for another 2 more days.  So what are you waiting for peeps?? Go for it!!! 

Friday, 24 May 2019


Are you yearning for a taste of Italy? Do you fancy Italian cuisine beyond the staid pastas and pizzas? If you are hunting down the city to indulge in an authentic Italian gastronomical affair, then all that you gotta do is head to Bene at Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel At Brigade Gateway. There is yummy food and then there is food that transports you to the land that it comes from. That's the kind of a culinary experience Chef Roberto Apa has curated for his guests at Bene. Yup! The Essence of Tuscan is all that I am gonna talk about in this blog post. 

Listen up, foodies! You got time till the 31st of May to indulge in the Tuscan renditions. The menu offers a range of Tuscany zuppe, antipasti, pasta's, varied meats and delicate Dolci's. Tuscan inspired cocktails are also a part of this thrilling menu. A visit to this beautiful place would definitely be worth it and there's something magical at Bene that will keep you wandering. 

Let's Go Tuscan...

We started off with a very Tuscany home-style antipasti Panzanella, an ideal summer dish, had soaked bread topped with onion, tomato, basil, ricotta cheese, bell pepper, and zucchini. The veggies were so fresh and it has retained that delicious crunch in it. 

The non-vegetarians unwinded themselves with the Gamberi In DolceForte, a prawn dish which had raisin, cinnamon, lemon, flour, and pepper. It was clearly a crowd pleaser. 

There isn't anything more comforting than a hot bowl of yummy soup on a balmy day. So, the chef bought to the table a very comforting Zuppe Minestra Garfagnina di Farro, soul-soothing yet packed with flavors. 

When they say Tuscan food, one of the first dishes that comes to mind along with the other legendary meat dishes like Bistecca Alla Fiorentina is this most wanted Pappardelle Al Raghu d' Anatra. Pappardelle is a very Tuscany pasta, that's very broad and flat.

This was made with subtle sauces and finely shredded lamb. The parmesan shavings that topped the dish added a nice glam to it and the densely sprinkled lamb shreddings were a joy to behold and satisfying to taste with every bite of it. The chef justified the fame of the dish perfectly. 

And then came the most awaited and an exclusive beef dish "Bistecca Alla Fiorentina", which the beef lovers went gagagaaa on. Chef Roberto was so sweet to show us the exclusive meat carefully sourced directly from Italy. It's a T-bone water buffalo served only rare with a weight of 1200g. 

The smokey aroma literally hit everyone's nostrils and tempted everyone to try it. Legit I say! their grilled meats are just exquisite and totally worth being on your plate. 

"Coniglio In Porchetta", a rolled rabbit dish added more fun to the lunch.  

The vegetarians also had equally mouth-watering dishes. I totally fell in love with this "Champignon Alla Fiorentina", a dish made with Champignon mushroom, butter, spinach, parmesan, and onion. Omg! what a preparation it was, the mushrooms blended very well with the perfectly made buttery sauce. 

Ended the Tuscan affair with delicate Dolci's like Tiramisu and Zuccotto, a classic Tuscan dessert. Can I tell that it was a spoonful of heaven? 

The Crumb Stash strongly recommends "The Essence of Tuscan" to all the foodies who love to explore Italian food beyond pizzas and pastas. If you are looking for a nice romantic place for your next date, then Bene is your answer. Rush before 31st May to enjoy a slice of Tuscan.