Wednesday, 12 September 2018


When you think of Srilanka, you normally think of clean, white sanded idyllic looking beaches, palm trees leaning over water, beautiful sceneries, an incredible sunset, laid-back villages, rice fields, tea plantations, the heady aroma of cinnamon, religious sites and above all the fantastic and lip-smacking food. I know, with our hectic work schedules it's not that easy to travel to this paradise, But what if you get to indulge in that above all lip-smacking Srilankan food at a calm and posh place? that too curated by a very famous food writer and a Srilankan food expert Priya Bala. Yup! Momo Cafe at Courtyard by Marriott, Bellandur branch decided to give us all a little refreshing break with a yummy Srilankan food tour. It started on September 3rd and it's on till the September 14th and the buffet is priced at Rs.1475 + taxes.

Momo Cafe has always been my favorite place to go whenever I need some my time. May it be a coffee/club sandwich at midnight or their hearty buffets, it's been one of my most liked places. This time I am super-excited to bring to you all the celebration and flavors of Srilanka. Two weeks of yummy Srilankan food from the most loved Pol Sambol to Srilankan Pumpkin Curry to Chicken Kuruma to Idiyappams(string-hoppers) to Watalappam, the famous food writer silently did a marvel in the kitchen along with the Executive Chef Sudhir Nair. Priya Bala and the entire team deserves a big round of applause for taking us all through a culinary trip down to Srilanka. 👏👏

With just two more days left for you all to indulge in this Srilankan food affair, let me quickly take you all on a super-pumping virtual trip there. Momo Cafe was decked up with auspicious thoranams and we were welcomed by the Buddha and elephant statues and a magnificent Kuthuvizhakku decorated with jasmine and looked like a beautiful peacock.

The festival had a range of exclusive and delectable food like the Fish Cutlets, Seeni Sambol Patties, Pol Sambol, Banana Flower Salad, Roasted Tomato Salad, Raw Banana Curry, Mackerel Curry,  Chicken Kuruma and not to forget the mandatory Srilankan Pumpkin Curry. For a person like me who loves coconut in milk form or paste form, Srilankan food is definitely a bliss. I  kick-started the evening with Fish Cutlets, a deep fried and a crunchy delicious short-eats.

Fish Cutlets 

Seeni Sambol Patties

With all the excitement, moved on to the Sambol and the Idiyappams which I eyed for a long time. Pol Sambol is a traditional Srilankan condiment prepared with fresh coconut, dry red chilies, onion etc. Usually, Srilankans add the dry fish to it while grinding, but this one had no fish in it so that the vegetarians can also try. Trust me, Guys! Pol Sambol and Idiyappam(string-hoppers) is a match made in heaven.

Pol Sambol and Idiyappams

I must tell the Banana Flower Salad stirred the salad-love in me. It's one dish which will stay in my heart forever.

Coming to the curries, Srilankan style chicken kuruma made with coconut milk and mild spices was so yum that I even went for seconds.

 The thick, creamy and rich Srilankan Pumpkin Curry had a burst of flavors and was a winner for everyone.

Raw Banana Curry

 All the curries and sambol went amazingly well with Idiyappams and the Yellow Rice, a special Srilankan rice cooked in coconut milk and whole spices.

Coconut milk, cinnamon and jaggery being an integral part of the Srilankan cuisine, there was also this famous and traditional egg-based dessert called as Watalappam that roared loudly and probably the best among all the Srilankan food festivals I had been too. The coffee jelly topped with whipped cream was also there to relish on.

Watalappam - This magic will truly excite you 

Overall, it was a fantastic and an absolutely lip-smacking culinary trip down to Srilanka and I hope this Srilankan food festival has captured your hearts rightly as it did to me!.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018


If Asian cuisine is your favourite and if you are looking out for a fine-dining place for special occasions, then all that you gotta do is head to MIKUSU at Conrad Bengaluru. MIKUSU has launched their new menu and is something beyond sushi and dimsums, which is fun, yet speaks out accentuated flavours from the East. Good food makes everything better, there's no doubt in that and I am mighty glad to take you all through this luxury restaurant MIKUSU which is an Asian affair that has an exotic culinary blend of Japanese, Chinese and Thai food cultures. The food and ambience here is totally a soulful experience to the diners. 

Grandeur!, that's the first word that comes to mind as you walk into MIKUSU which is located just off the lobby. , The beautiful chandelier spreading out romantic vibes and the soothing glow will surely leave one stunned and I did wink at its beauty. The extremely fascinating and intriguing earthy ambience, downing cocktails, yummy food that set your taste-buds aflutter while you groove on to the latest hits spun by the DJ, all these will instantly transport you right back to the fantastical world of the East. The restaurant is open only for dinners during the weekdays and weekends are total fun with both lunch and dinner. The well-set tables get's it delicious food from two live kitchens, one dishes out sushi, sashimi and cold appetizers and the other, reserved for stir-fries and grills.  

Come, let's experience the new menu, the magic! 

Filled with excitement about Chef Praveen Shetty's magic,  We kick-started the evening with some bite-sized cold veg and non-veg appetizers. I had the cucumber skin roll stuffed with Inari, the slight spongy Inari had a very mild sweetness and the crunch of the cucumber skin was so delightful and the non-vegetarians had their tuna stuff. 

 Then we had the Ebi Yaki, from the Yakitori selection, Was a visual treat to see the grilled prawns coming to the table on mini grills. 

We all then sat down to experience the exciting new menu. Tofu Carpaccio was a cracker in the mouth with absolutely amazing flavours.

 I enjoyed the exotic and pillowy soft Barbeque Chicken Dimsum, Barbeque Mushroom Dimsum and also the Aona Gomma Ae. These tiny translucent parcels filled with all the goodness was of couse a crowd pleaser.

While we were relishing all these, the chef and his team were totally busy in arranging the Rock Corn Tempura & Tofu Skewers, Wasabi Prawns & Yakitori and another bunch were getting ready with the Ramen.  It was a visual treat to see the entire team with utmost dedication. 

The Wasabi Prawns was truly a treat to the sea-food lovers, as I heard the "yayyyy, yummmmm" sound from the veggies who had the rock corn tempura, even I indulged into it and Gosh! it was lip-smacking. 

Wasabi Prawns

Both the Veg and Non-Veg Ramen were thin and soupy.

How can I not mention the MIKUSU EXPERIENCE PLATTER, a platter full of fantasy? There's Sashimi, Nigiri and Chef's signature roll served on a bed of dry ice grabbed everyone's attention. The holistic experience of eating these mouth-watering Japanese delicacies is influenced not only by how it's prepared but also by how one eats it. You guys have to head to MIKUSU and indulge into these as the Japanese do. 

In Main Courses, we had the Braised Lamb in Miso dressing and chilli bean sauce, Sichuan Chicken, Assorted Mushroom Saute, Stir Fried Greens tossed in soy garlic sauce which went very well with the Garlic Sticky Fried Rice and Vegetable Yaki Udon. 

The seven-course meal came to a happy ending with this heavenly dessert  Five Spiced Chocolate Mousse with Orange Compote, it was rich, creamy, bitter, sweet and perfectly did the job of elevating the dining experience to a different level. 

The Crumb Stash's Verdict: 

MIKUSU - An Asian Affair, truly in all senses was an extravagant dining experience. One can only come back home good memories and cherishing stories to spread through. I have already made plans for going back here again and this proves how much I thoroughly enjoyed it. I got food mad after the sumptuous dinner and on top of everything, the amazing service and friendly staff make your experience even better. Okay, so you just wanna unwind and relax? MIKUSU has got you covered. Do give it a try friends and I swear you'll love it. 

Mikusu - Conrad Bengaluru Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thursday, 28 June 2018


Everyone loves long-drives and highways are full of surprises. It is so interesting to see the changing weather, people, and cuisines while moving along the road. Even the smallest dhaba on a highway has yummy food which makes our trip a memorable one. Keeping all this in mind, Dhaba Estd 1986  decided to bring out those nostalgic feeling live among their diners where they will be discussing and cherishing those amazing moments with their friends/family.  Hence Dhaba Estd 1986, has launched a new menu which primarily focuses on National Highway delicacies. From a simple Daal Dhaba to flavorsome Kashmiri Dum Aloo to spicy Laal Maas, Mutton Rogan Josh to soul-soothing Papad Ki Sabzi and whatever else you get in a highway dhaba is now available at all the outlets of Dhaba Estd 1986. Read through the blog and am sure you will skip your long drive once and try this.

It was a for weekday dinner, we headed to our very favorite, Dhaba Estd 1986 in Marathahalli. I have not been to the Indira Nagar outlet, if you guys have been there, do comment below and share your experience with me. The restaurant is quite spacious and ambiance feels so good, charming and only good vibes. 

Those soda bottles, soft drink bottles, tiffin dhabas, chaat counters, paintings on the wall, the peppy dance by the wait-staffs made us all feel in Punjab and do some Bhangra. 

Highway Menu : Simple and So good... 

The menu is very different from the old one, this one had a lot of vegetarian options, recipes since 1986, quick nibbles, simple comforting food, tandoors, kebabs, and kadhai specials available in the highway dhabas. We started off by ordering some Aam Panna, Ganne Ka Ras and a few cocktails too. What I loved here, was those old styles codd-necked bottles stirring nostalgia. 

In small plates, had the Veg Manchuria, Begun Bhaja, Highway Chicken Tikka and Masala Papad. The main course was full of surprises, yes they have tried out something very different and deviated from the rich curries to spicy and tangy curries available in Highway Dhabas. The Kashmiri Dum Aloo was flavorsome, spicy and every scoop of it went amazingly well with the rice and the dhaba rotis, we even ordered for one more of it. 

For me, Dhaba Estd 1986 has always got the best of mutton curries, the mutton is sourced so carefully that it's tender and succulent. The Highway menu had the spicy Laal Maas and Mutton Rogan Josh. The Laal Maas had prominent smokey flavours which came from the mustard oil and extremely hot with the specially sourced chili from Rajasthan, called as "Mathania". 

Papad Ki Sabzi, again a simple and comforting tangy and spicy curry was worth trying, and how do I forget that soul-soothing simple Daal Dhaba which everyone was raving about. 

No-one skipped that rich glass of lassi in Matka glasses. According to me, this restaurant has got the best lassis in Bangalore. Finished off the dinner with Rasmalai and Rasgulla. 

Overall, the experience was a fun-filled one with charming dances, peppy bollywood music, and good service. Coming to the food, it was a good journey which totally stirred out some nostalgic feeling of our most loved long-drives. The prices are slightly on the fancier side, but the service, quality and that lingering taste make it all worthy. 


Dhaba Estd 1986 Delhi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Monday, 18 June 2018


'Twas exactly ten days before, when all the food enthusiasts, food writers, foodpreneurs and aspiring foodies of the charming city Bengaluru, were all getting ready once again to witness the most precious moments with the most influential chefs and super-stars of the culinary world. Yayyyy, you got it right! World On A Plate - Season 3 it is guys. A week before the grandeur event it was a flurry of social media buzz, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook were crazily overwhelming with WOAP posts, while few excited fans of these culinary Gods eagerly participated in the contests to win the passes, restaurateurs confirming their pop-ups and menu, VR Bengaluru also called as The Black Box on the Whitefield Road was getting all decked up for it's second birthday, and me marked my calendars well in advance, finished my Delhi itinerary a day before the event, cancelled all the weekend plans and all these just to be a part of this prestigious event.  

World On A Plate Season 3 was kick-started with the culinary expert and chef Saransh Goila demonstrating his butter chicken on the June 8th, walk-ins cherished the dish at the VR Bengaluru premises and few enjoyed the dish at the comfort of their home by ordering via Uber Eats. 
Finally, the big day came June 9th, and June 10th. Oh, My God! What a wonderful day it was. A bright day full of sweet surprises by Australia's most loved celebrity chefs and India's most loved celebrity chefs too.

 As you all know VR Bengaluru turned two and on behalf of the mighty celebrations, they inaugurated the "India's Biggest Gourmet Festival World On A Plate Season 3" produced by Gold Rush Entertainment. It was an immense pleasure for The Crumb Stash to be a part of this prestigious event and to meet the Dictionaries of  Culinary World, interact with them, get to be a part of their master-classes and also to taste the food exclusively and expertly curated by them. The place was absolutely buzzing and roaring with happy and charming vibes. 
The whole crowd screamed out in joy as the heart-throb George Calombaris entered the stage which was the most awaited moment for the food-lovers, and then came the most beautiful, gorgeous and knowledgeable Sarah Todd...

Okay! Hold on your breath now,  It was next Chef Ranveer Brar, the most handsome and people's all-time favorite 

and then the Butter Chicken guy, Saransh Goila, George Calombaris calls his butter chicken as the world's famous butter chicken. 

The food prepared by these culinary experts were super-glam to see and tasted super-perfect. Here is a sneak-peak of those gastronomic delights which captivated our senses. 

Chef George Calombaris - Potato Skordalia With Black Garlic and Walnuts 

Chef Ranveer Brar - Burn't Miso White Chocolate Modak 

Chef Sarah Todd - Kholapuri Slow Cooked Lamb on Beetel Leaves

Chef Saransh Goila - Goila Butter Chicken and Butter Chicken Roll 

Kiran Soans, CEO of Gold Rush Entertainment said, "We believe in creating exquisite experiences for our customers. Our previous association with VRSA for World on a Plate was a raging success. Even this season, we've brought global celebrities of fine dining: George Calombaris, Sarah Todd and Ranveer Brar. This edition of World on a Plate is bigger in scale and size and guaranteed to be an unparalleled culinary journey for connoisseurs and aspiring chefs." 

WOAP Season 3 was truly an extravaganza for all those fans of George Calombaris, as there was a GC gourmet fine dining experience too which happened in Toscano and the participants got a photo opportunity with George. 

In addition to all these, patrons came out in support for GIFT A MEAL with HUG, an initiative to collect funds for the underprivileged as part of a hunger management program which aims to give 1,00,000 meals in 2018. 

I wish to extend my hearty thanks to Philips for the contests and motivating people to win. It was truly a great experience to win prizes from the celebrity chefs. 

Overall, it was a sooper-dooper event. VR Bengaluru and Gold Rush, you guys keep rocking it every time, It was literally like a carnival with atleast 35 exciting pop-ups hosting a festival of flavours,  buzzing with food talks, fun,laughters, fan-girl/fan-boy moments.  Truly an amazing day which will forever be etched in my memories. 

Finishing off this blog-post with my fan-girl moments with the Culinary Dictionaries. 

With George Calombaris

With Ranveer Brar

With Saransh Goila 
Signing off with a very big Thank You to PPR, VR Bengaluru, Gold Rush, Philips and everyone who supported me throughout my videos and posts. Bye for now dearies...