Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Paal Kozhukattai

Paal Kozhukattai - ( made with karuppati paal )

For the Kozhukattai:
Rice Flour
Hot hot water
1 tsp ghee...
For the Milk:
Jaggery/ karuppatti
Boiled and cooled milk - 1/2 cup
2 - 3 spoons of rice flour mixed in 1/2 cup of water ( to make the milk a lil thick)
Preparation Method:
First take some rice flour, add 1 tsp of ghee to it
then add the hot water ( should be very hot ) and leave it aside to cool...
After some ten minutes , mix the flour well with a spoon and then use ur hands to make it a nice dough ( the texture should be like how u make gulab jamun dough.. lil bit moist than a gulab jamun dough )
then make it into some nice small rounds and arrange them seperately in a plate...
in a wider pan.. take water and make it to boil ..
when the water boils to a greater temperature drop in the balls ( kozhukatai ) one by one into the hot water... ( should be dropped in one by one )
after some five minutes the balls will get steamed and will come up
at that time u can take off the balls with a colander spoon ( kan karandi )
after making the balls ( kozhukattai ) dont throw away the water in which we steamed them...
Preparation of milk :
In a other pan, heat water and jaggery  ( sweet as much u need, i had used 1 big black karuppatti, a typical south indian jaggery, use some three cups of water,  when the jaggery boils in water it will dissolve, at that time u check the sweetness if u feel its ok then carry on or else add more jaggery and leave them to boil ) this liquid is called as jaggery milk/karuppatti paal
then use a colander and strain this jaggery milk to remove the dirts in the jaggery...
now heat a wider pan,  take one cup of the steamed water in which we steamed the kozhukatai's, add the jaggery milk to it.. and also add half cup of chilled milk to it and the 1/2 cup of water mixed with 2 tsps of rice flour..( to nake the milk a lil thick )
put some two crushed cardamoms to this milk..
leave it to boil for 5 minutes..
then add the balls ( kozhukattai's) to the milk and leave it to boil for some ten minutes...
can also add some grated coconut to this...
The yummy karuppatti paal kozhukattai is ready..

notes : drop in the kozhukattai's one by one into the hot boiling water with the stove on ( if not dropped one by one it will get stuck and the water needs to be tooo hot then only the kozhukattai will get steamed )
use boiled and chilled milk ( as chilled milk blends well with the mixture )

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