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A big shout to all my friends who wants to sink their teeth into an impressive Pan-Asian cuisine which rules most of the people's palates and hearts, am saying try out this new kid on the block "MISU" and am sure you're gonna thank me for it. MISU is a spanking new Pan-Asian restaurant located in St.Marks Road and here, the food speaks for itself.

A few weeks back I was in the Misu to experience their newly launched "THE MISU NINJA MEAL" and this blog post is gonna talk about a quick review of what we did that afternoon - just indulged into some ingenious flavors from different corners of Asia,  yes yes Pan-Asian it is!  India has seen the rise of Pan-Asian flavours in the last three-four years, not just the flavours of China and Hong-Kong, but the flavours across Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Burma has been the single-most dominant food trend in India and we must accept the fact that it's become the hottest selling cuisine. . This quirky restaurant at St. Marks Road is definitely a food lovers paradise. The ambiance is very quirky with mirrors hangings on the ceilings, glass and metal wall, beautiful painting, cozy and fun enough to perfectly impress your valentine.


The restaurant decides to take a step off the path well -trodden and the menu is engineered accordingly where you have these sophisticated Pan-Asian flavours ranging from Sushi, Makki rolls, Dimsums, some unique salads, appetisers, main courses and desserts which will boost your taste-buds to urge for more and nobody will bat their eyelids asking for popular oriental dishes. The restaurant has also come up with an exciting Set-Menu called as "THE MISU NINJA MEAL"  which has a welcome drink, a variety of soups/salads, appetizers, dimsums/sushi, main courses and dessert from which you can choose your favorite. The Ninja Meal is reasonably priced at Rs.777*  for Veg and Rs.888*  for Non-Veg and avail it only from Monday-Thursday for lunch from 12.30pm to 3.30 pm.


We kick-started the lunch with Bandrek, a welcome drink, This drink is an Indonesian style herbal drink with lemongrass, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, jaggery, star anise and coconut milk and can be served both hot and cold. I tried it cold because a friend of mine has opted the hot one, I must say that both were sooper refreshing. In soups, I tried the Tom Kha Veg soup, I am a non-vegetarian, but in soups anytime I prefer the veg soups, hence the Veg option. 😊, the soup was rich in flavors with coconut milk, mushroom, thai chili and got its perfect aroma from galangal, kaffir lime leaves, and lemon-grass.

bandrek - welcome drink
Tom Kha soup 

 I gotta taste their Spicy Pomelo Salad with chicken which seems to be the most liked by a lot, this scrumptious salad is my new favorite now, the spiciness and freshness of pomelo and the shredded chicken tossed in crushed Thai chili paste is the flavor profile.  In appetizers, we tasted almost all the four, lucky us for being in a group, my favourite was the Stir Fried Black Pepper Chicken and Kung Pao Chicken. The Moonshine Veg Dumpling had yummy fillings of Bok Choy and Mushroom and I liked the transparent crystal skin of the dimsum.

spicy pomelo salad

moonshine dumpling
the misu bao

The Sushi's at Misu is perfectly done, the union of rice and the meat was in complete harmony. We tried their Asian Chicken Onigirazu and Teriyaki Chicken Steak Onigirazu, these could not have been more accurate, we enjoyed gulping it down while a few of us practiced eating it with the chop-sticks. 

In the main course, I loved their Krapow Tofu, a spicy tofu stir fry with chili garlic basil sauce and was served with jasmine rice. For all those chili lovers, you have your Spicy Chilli Basil Noodles, glossy noodles tossed with shredded chicken, basil, chili garlic, bokchoy and all the other classic condiments. Who would not love a bowl of hot Thai Red/Green curry fused with warm and intense flavors and the aroma of bamboo shoots, kaffir lime leaves etc? This is also served with Jasmine Rice, its spicy, delectable and nothing short of spectacular!

Krapow tofu with jasmine rice 

spicy chilli basil noodles 

That shot I wanted with this gal, I loved her eyes, it speaks a lot 

Desserts :

Fusion is the flavor of the season. When you are at MISU, you must try this inventive Ice-Cream Sandwich, its soft spongy cake sandwiched with infused flavors of Lemongrass/Tamarind/Green Tea ice-creams. This new sweet obsession got us all hooked and we kept screaming for more. My favorite was the Lemon-grass ice-cream sandwich, has a gush of freshness and I quite liked the interplay of flavors. 

lemongrass icecream sandwich 
We tried this Japanese Souffle cake too, 

Pics of our drinks : 

The Crumb Stash's Verdict and Ratings : 

It was a pure indulgence at MISU, if you quiz me about my favorite dishes, I would say I loved everything. You don't have to reserve MISU only for special occasions, THE MISU NINJA MEAL has got it all generous and reasonably priced for people to try it frequently. I would proudly say that MISU is currently my favorite in the city. Do try it out friends and lemme know how you liked it. 

Ambience: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Food: 5/5
Quality: 4.5/5
Quantity : 4.5/5
Price: 4.5/5
Overall Rating: 4.5/5

THE MISU NINJA MEAL is one of the best deals in the town and a must visit place in Bangalore. 

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