Thursday, 2 November 2017


Fancy a piping hot basket of yummy dimsums and other Pan-Asian street foods with a touch of modern gastronomy??? then head to Chin-Chin by the Biere Club, an exclusive, elegant and a chic Pan-Asian restaurant which has newly opened its doors at 153 Biere Street, Whitefield. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon when the weather was just perfect and it saw an amazing launch of this quaint restaurant with a set of bloggers and The Crumb Stash was privileged to be a part of Chin-Chin's launch.

It was great meeting Celebrity Chef Shaun-Kenworthy who is also director of The Biere Club, Shaun has traveled extensively and experimented a lot on the Pan-Asian street foods and with his able team has created a menu which is so appealing, colorful, authentic and inviting. His touch of modern gastronomy to the menu makes the place exclusive. So people in and around Whitefield, Chin-Chin is all there to soak yourselves in the beautiful ambiance, eat lots and lots of sumptuous food, get your belly full, get drunk and watch the world go by. 

With chef Shaun Kenworthy 

Chin-Chin is housed at 153 Biere Street, a space fashioned along the lines of a quaint European setting with cobble-stone paving, Victorian lamps. rows of charming retail outlets, open skies, and its open kitchen spreads happily the Asian aromas. The ambiance is unwinding and I fell in love with those floral comfy chairs and the open kitchen. This semi-open restaurant is a perfect place for a romantic date out/friends gatherings. If you are lucky enough to witness the rains, then there's nothing like that,  you can simply dine at peace, sinking your teeth in the delicacies when it rains happily outside. 


The lunch scenes had a delicious set menu, a wide-spread indeed. We kick-started the lunch by ordering our favorite cocktails and mocktails. Me being a lover of turquoise color I choose to order the Virgin Turquoise. 

While I took a sip of it, enjoying the balmy weather outside, there comes the Glass noodle and vegetable spring roll with chili plum sauce beautifully tied as a bundle with a spring onion. It was so tempting, that I stopped sipping my mocktail right there, took one spring roll, dipped it in the hot chili plum sauce and slurped it. 


I  must say that Shaun was a perfect host to us who decided to pamper us with loads of delicacies, next comes the Har-gaw shrimp dimsums, me not a huge fan of sea-food dimsums, but kinda liked this one. Truffle lovers, am sure you will fall in love with this Green-pea dumplings with truffle oil. We also tried their Chicken and spring onion gyoza - a Japanese steamed and grilled dumpling, me not a huge fan of gyoza's, this one was not my favorite. 

Har-gaw shrimp 

Green Pea Dumplings with Truffle oil 

Chicken and sping onion gyoza

There were both the veg and non-veg options in Bao's, I tried out their Broccoli and cheese stuffed Chinese steamed buns, pillowy soft buns stuffed with lip-smacking fillings. The non-vegetarians equally loved their Char Sui Pork buns too. This humble bun was the sensational talk at the luncheon.

Broccoli and cheese stuffed Bao

Char sui pork buns

We had some grilled starters too, Thai grilled mushrooms and Grilled chicken satay with spicy peanut sauce which had perfectly marinated chicken in skewers grilled and cooked to perfection.  Both of them were winning dishes and a must try. 

In salads, we had the spicy wood ear mushrooms with tofu salad. Both mushrooms and tofu have got that versatility to mix and match with the dressings and this was truly high on flavors. I also tried the Som Tam, a spicy green papaya salad with green beans, this salad was addictively hot and refreshingly crunchy. It was sour, sweet, hot and perfectly seasoned with salt. 

spicy wood ear mushroom salad 

Som-Tam Salad

In Mains, I tried their Kung Pao Chicken, Indonesian mixed meat, and seafood fried rice with a crispy fried egg. My favorite was their classic Thai Red Curry with Jasmine rice. The Indonesian mixed fried rice is a meal on its own for the non-veggies with the goodness of egg and the prawn crackers which came along with the rice bowl was high on demand.  All the dishes in the main courses were a delight to us and was high on oriental flavors. 

Kung-Pao Chicken  
thai red curry with jasmine rice 
Indonesian mixed meat and seafood fried rice topped with egg.

Desserts : 

They say that a little bit of sugar goes a long way, to prove that right Chin-Chin's desserts was a whole lot of happiness hitting right the sweetest spot. The desserts at Chin-Chin raises the bar higher and one is sure to slurp off it completely. We tasted three desserts and all three was everyone's favorite. Water chestnut rubies in coconut milk was divine.  Lemongrass pannacotta with litchis had the perfect aroma of lemon-grass and was a melt-in-mouth bliss. Me being a mango lover, could not resist gulping the Classic Chinese Mango Pudding.

classic chinese mango pudding
litchi pannacotta

water chestnut and rubies ready to get dunked in the coconut milk 
water chestnut rubies with coconut milk

The Crumb Stash's Verdict : 

Chin-Chin offers you an intelligent blend of oriental flavors remarkably with vibrant colors and a modern touch of gastronomy is what you get to experience here. If you are a lover of Pan-Asian cuisine then, head to this newly launched Pan-Asian restaurant and you are bound to relish some hearty delicacies. Whatever your cravings may be, right from simple stir-fries to dimsums to bao's for the calorie conscious to yummy main-courses to desserts that can make you all happy, you have everything at Chin-Chin with ingenious presentations. 

Ambience: 4/5
Service:  4/5
Food: 4.5/5
Quality: 4.5/5
Pricing: 4.5/5 
Overall Rating : 4.5/5 

Great for a lunch meeting, a special occasion or even catching up with friends and I hope the pics are drool-worthy to get tempted and give it a try. 

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  1. Broccoli and cheese stuffed Bao was tempting rather i must say all the meals were really presentable and would have been delicious.

    1. thank you so much dear for reading through, the broccoli bao was yummm and all the dishes were great tooo, do give it a try

  2. Food looks so tempting look like you had great time

    1. yes ruchi , had a great time with great food and ambience.

  3. wow mouth watering food.. I think u had a great time there..

  4. Whoa!! That foods are so delicious and mouth-watering. It makes me really hungry. The thai red curry with jasmine rice is a must try looks tempting.

    1. thank you so much shub, for reading through. yes my favourite was the thai curry, it was bliss

  5. Those looks scrumptious! I believe you must have had a great time reviewing these :)

  6. Food looks so tempting and tasty.. Hope you have great time there

  7. Some amazing clicks are here. Food looks so yum and delicious. I am sure you had such a good time.

    1. thank you so much dear for reading through, was able to get good clicks that day and the food is yummm there

  8. Like I do during buffets meals...shot right at dessert...I did the same and scrolled down to dessert..n it was totally worth it

    1. hahahaaa.. dessert scenes was a true bliss dear. every dessert was amazing. no pass over. :)

  9. The ambience of this place is calm. These dishes look yummy and you've clicked them so well!

    1. true that, perfect ambience i must say. thank you so much dear.

  10. The food looks so good and it was presented so well. Som Tam and dumplings are extraordinary with the restaurant having a great decor.

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