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As a part of VR One's longest birthday celebrations, VR Bengaluru ( The Black Box on Whitefield Road ) host's the real elite event "World on a Plate 2017 - Season 2" with celebrity masterchefs on June 3rd.  VR Bengaluru along with Gold Rush Entertainment brings Gary Mehigan, Adriano Zumbo, Janice Wong, Ranveer Brar and Elena Duggan together for the first time to Bengaluru. This is in-fact a royal treat by VR Bengaluru to their patrons and hard core food lovers. The Crumb Stash was lucky enough to be a part of the Press Conference. 

On June 2nd 2017, a happy day when the sun shined brightly,  whilst people were  gradually getting ready for their weekend fun, the hard-core foodies of Bengaluru were also getting ready for their gala time. Yaehhh, I mean, the beautiful day witnessed some most precious moments with the influential celebrity chef's of the culinary world at the Press Conference. It's always a delight to meet the food curators like these, If i am not wrong, they are the heart-throb, inspiration and a daily dose of motivation to a lot outta there, They are the perfect role-models to aspiring foodies, food-preneurs, food writers, recipe curators and many more. A huge thanks to VR Bengaluru and Gold Rush Entertainment for bringing them back to our very own "Namma Bengaluru"

What we witnessed at the Press Conference ??

After the successful 1st edition, Gold Rush Entertainment, launched the 2nd edition of World on a Plate with an illustrious Culinary line up of Chefs - Gary Mehigan, Adriano Zumbo, Janice Wong, Ranveer Brar and Elena Duggan,  This edition of World on a Plate - Season 2 promises to be a culinary extravaganza where the chefs will take the city's food lovers through exclusive Master Classes as they create their signature dishes. This will be followed by an exclusive tete-a tete where the chefs will share their personal experiences and moments. The event will end with Master Chef Live where the chefs will taste and judge 25 of city's best restaurants to award them the titles of World on a Plate "Best Restaurant of the Year", "People's Choice Award" and "Best Dessert". 

Gold Rush Entertainment also announced the launch of the World on a Plate Academy supported by Gary Mehigan. The WOAP academy will be first of it's kind finishing school amateur's and professionals. The academy will encourage young culinary professionals and food entrepreneurs by offering various courses to suit the requirements to hone their culinary skills. 

The golden Moments - a true treat to the eyes and soul : 

As, we all were seated comfortably, I was literally high on excitement waiting for the heart-throbs to come on to the stage,  Slowly the event kick-started with Celebrity Chef Adriano Zumbo, commonly called as Sweet Assassin walking in mightily to the stage. Chef Adriano Zumbo said, "I am really excited to be in India more specifically in Bangalore for the World on a Plate, The Indian cuisine has so much to offer, the flavours, textures, colours are a treat for any foodie " 

Then came in Janice Wong who is a Patisserie Extraordinaire said "I am glad to be a part of this culinary food festival, It was a pleasure to explore and try new flavours and what really impressed me is India's contemporary take on desserts. I can't wait to share my experiences of World on a Plate when i go back home". 

India's favourite celebrity chef Ranveer Brar said , "This is an extraordinary food festival bringing together some of the worlds finest chef's. The festival offers a modern take on gastronomy with new approaches in cooking, I am sure food lovers in Bangalore will be taken on a whirlwind of flavours at the World on a Plate 2 "

Elena Duggan beautifully graced the stage with her presence, On her maiden trip to Bengaluru, MasterChef Australia Season 8 winner said "I am so excited to the experience and learning more about the local cuisine. I thank the organizer and Gold Rush Entertainment for inviting me for this food gala, 

Australia's favourite and my favourite Master Chef , Gary Mehigan said , "India has always floored me with it's diverse food palate. Coming back to India is always exciting but coming to Bangalore is surreal experience ( awwww, he nailed it ) . This melting pot of cuisines always has something new to offer. With an amazing line-up of chef's we beleive that the 2nd edition of of World on a Plate will be a sensation "

The press conference also had the tasting session of dishes prepared by these curators. We relished these 

Grilled Fish and Khus Khus Salad by Chef Elena Duggan : 

Chocolate Dessert with Sorbet by Janice Wong 

The Summer Salmon by Chef Ranveer Brar 

Coffee and Masala Chai Brulee by Chef Adriano Zumbo

After, relishing these yummy delights, we had the photo sessions and also do take a sneak-peak into my fan girl moment with these Internationally influential chef's. 

with Gary Mehigan

With Ranveer Brar

with Adriano Zumbo

With Elena Duggan

with Janice Wong 

Overall, a great day to cherish forever. Thank you VR Bengaluru for the having The Crumb Stash there. WOAP - Season 2 rocks. 

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