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They say that "Change is the only constant in life" , keeping this in mind, the city's Brewtiful Brewery  "The Biere Club" launches a new menu once in every year to glorify it's anniversary and making it a worthy place for everyone to add it to their bucketlist moment. Yes, i mean it by saying the word bucketlist moment, as there are so many new comers to the city every single day, every tourist who wants to enjoy the happy hippee Bengaluru city and to the very own residents of this majestic city, am sure that The Biere Club has always been the talk of the town for all of them and eventually it deserves a tick in their bucket list moment.

 A bunch of us were here at The Biere Club, Lavelle Road, for the new menu launch appreciating their 6th year anniversary.  Fruity Mango Beer, Earthy tasty Ragi Beer, Protein Platters, Pork Ribs, Pork Sausage Platters, Mezze Platters, Kebab Platters and many more Indian delicacies were sparking their new menu with a bash.

About The Biere Club:

The Biere Club is an elite three storeyed pub located in the peppy posh streets of Lavelle Road, the city's first craft brewery and the most wanted pub. In a city like Bengaluru, where you are spoilt for choices, The Biere Club roar's high in people's mind for every weekend bash, parties, celebrations and casual dinings too. The place is chic, sophisticated and stylish yet relaxed and casual. The Biere club to me has got a very casual concept with a global feel and also expresses different cuisines satisfying various types of audiences.

We kickstarted the event by tasting their varieties of seasonal and regular beers and sumptuous food from their new menu. So, what are you all waiting for ? Let's get our groove on..

The Beers - Say Fruity and Healthy Cheers

There is this saying "Beer is a proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy". The Biere Club keeping this in mind always makes sure that they excite their patrons with high class crafted beer's and this year they brewed with the fruit and then with the millet's too. Yayyyy, Clink your glasses high to say fruity and healthy cheers guys. Fruity Mango beer's and healthy Raagi beer is what am talking about.

Their Mango beer, the golden copper color beer with a light body, slight hop bitterness, malty sweetness and finished with a kiss of mango with a nice foam head,  who would not like to raise a fruity cheers and yes we did that crazily. This mango beer made with the magical fruit mango was actually very yummy and It's like this, you take a sip and then one more sip and then you get used to it. How good it would have been if this special mango beer is available throughout the year, but it's too seasonal.

the mango and raagi beer

Next comes the Raagi beer.  raagi being the staple of the city, Biere Club has made use of this adaptable crop and created a demand for this desi style beer. People being very experimental these days find this desi beer highly interesting and exclusive.

What else on tap ?
Apart from the seasonal Mango Ale and Raagi beer, there's the Lager, Ale, Wheat and Stout Beers too. Specially crafted beers are also featured on the chalk boards. Grab yours as per your likings.

the wheat beer 

For those who are not into beer, choose your choice of alcohol, cocktails and mocktails from their extensive menu.

Food : The Brewtiful New Menu

To settle that little stomach with utmost happiness while you grab your favourite pint of craft beer, The Biere Club has specially designed a new menu with interesting platters and some Indian delicacies too. It's nice to see such stylish pubs coming up with Indian delicacies and my appreciations to Biere Club for having taken this bold attempt. 

We started off with the Mezze Platter which had all the Mediterranean goodies like Olives, hummus, Pita bread, Veggies, Falafel and many more . 

Then comes the bird, the roasted hacked up chicken with gravy, This top chicken roast is made with high quality chicken with skin on and bone on so that it stays moist and flavourful. This steaming hot grilled chicken with it's tantalising aroma, smoky and mouth-watering flavours was really very difficult to resist and people went in for second servings too. You can also spruce it up with the stand-by sauce which is a part of the platter. 

Jumbo Prawns with hot garlic butter was something extraordinary, Handpicked jumbo prawns cooked in hot garlic butter sauce and was plated beautifully, This marvelous seafood unearths the richness of land down under and it's a must try platter.

Beef lovers have Beef Tenderloins with horseradish gravy. All these protein platters comes with small portions of crispy potato salad, garlic bread and house slaw.  Doesn't these sound tender and high in protein. 

beef tenderloins
Pork Ribs were also served to the pork lovers.  "The mouth of a perfectly happy person is supposed to be filled with beautifully crafted pizza's", So we tried this thin crust pizza topped with Artichoke, Spinach, Sundried tomato and Caper. 

artichoke, spinach, sundried tomato and capers pizza 

the pork ribs 

As I already mentioned, The Biere Club want's to excite their patron with Indian delicacies too, A lot of care and attention is taken to design these . We tried their Kashmiri Lamb Stew, Chicken Tikka Masala, Paneer Tikka Masala, Mushroom and Pea Stew, All these are served with Basmati Rice, Papad, Paratha and a salad. Every curry in the "Taste of India" turned out to be an incredibly winning combination with the craft beers. 

Now, doesn't these sound like a terrific party spread

Dessert Time : 

The dessert plate had an assortment of Wafer thin apple tart, Baked Blueberry cheese cake, Chocolate orange pudding and brownies. This dessert setting promised a relaxed day ahead and what more can a girl ask for. 

The Crumb Stash's Ratings

Food taste : 4.5/5 
Beer taste : 4.5/5 ( the right temperature is maintained, it doesn't numb your palate with chillness) 
Quality :  5/5 
Quantiy : 5/5
Ambience : 4.5/5
Service : 4.5/5
My overall Rating : 4.5/5

The Crumb Stash's Verdict : 

From juicy meats to freshly crafted beers to sweet treats The Biere Club has got everything to offer. This place is fully loaded with emotions and it's of-course a fun peppy place to hang around. All that you have to do is drop in to The Biere Club, find a craft beer you love, grab your delicious item to pair with it and just enjoy the frothy adventure. 

Happy pubbing friends. 

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