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I am a hard-core biryani lover and a person who is always in search for the best biryani in the town. When FBAI ( Food Blogger's Association of India ) decided to have a meetup in  DADI'S DUM BIRYANI FROM DADI'S KITCHEN, I happily accepted. 
That Thursday evening when the sky was dusking and the city was almost getting the weekend vibes, I decided to head towards to DADI'S DUM BIRYANI , just to dig into their simply finger lickingly delicious biryani's. 


It all began in 1952 when Hajia Sayeeda Shamim ( lovingly called as Dadi ), was born in a Keralite family in India. Dadi spent her childhood days in the coastal city of Mumbai, and she shifted to Mangalore after her marriage. Dadi had imbibed the genes of culinary excellence from her father, a professional chef, and her mother who is a great cook. The menu is filled with Dadi's secret and signature recipes.  

It was a privilege meeting such a prodigy and having a hearty conversation with the Dadi herself. 
This sweet Dadi was a beautiful host to all of us and took care of each and everyone throughout the event like her own family.  We had loads of conversations about the food, spices, aromatic biryani's and their varieties and many more delicious talks. 

me and ma friend Debo with the Dadi 

The food scenes were mostly like the enticing scenes of the Malayalam movie " USTAD HOTEL" and the whole Dadi's family were present there happily to host us. 

Dadi is an evergreen classic i should say. 

Ambience : 

The restaurant embellishes a blush of Mughal decor and the interiors are kept to minimalistic, but elegantly done. Comfortable couches where families/friends can just sit back and dig into the signature recipes. 


After all the buzzing discussions on biryani , their secret spices and culinary discoveries , we became irresistible and tempted to try out their delicious and succulent biryani.  Sssss, that irresistible whiff of biryani made us crave for it. 

But Dadi requested us to try out their starters too. We were served with Dahi kebab, Paneer Tikka, Rajma Galouti, Chicken Sheek Kebab, Mutton Sheek Kebab, Chicken Malai Tikka and Kalmi Kebab.  Each and every dish were carefully crafted by the chef with fresh spices and all the starters were cooked to perfection.  While relishing the Dahi Kebab, the wait staff bought the Sheeks and Dadi tell's us  " Pls try out this Chicken Sheekh  and the Mutton Sheekh and am sure you will love it ",  taking her words i just took a bite of it, Vowwww, the flavours were amazing, succulent kebabs made from the tender meat grilled to perfection. The masalas and seasonings were perefect in all the starters. 
I have to mention the Paneer Tikka which was too soft and melt in mouth experience it was. 

Dahi Kebab

rajma galouti 

paneer tikka

chicken sheek kebab

mutton sheek kebab

Kalmi Kebab

Chicken Malai Tikka

Then comes the Royal feast, their Biryani's. Having heard a lot by now, we started to dig into their signature biryani's. Started with their famous Mutton Dum Biryani, a hearty preparation which will amaze the guest's with layers of mutton and saffron- milk infused rice, dum cooked. This perfect and finger licking delicious biryani was studded with a scented element which took the aromatic quotient to yet another level. 

 I personally loved the flavours,  not just love, but also became a great fan of their mutton biryani. I highly recommend their Mutton Biryani. 

Also tried out their Vegetable Biryani,  I kind of liked it, but the vegetarians actually went so crazy for it. I heard some proud talks from vegetarians, like "People who tell that there is no Veg Biryani , there is only a pulao, do come to Dadi's and try out their Veg Biryani" 

Sweet Endings : 

After a royal feast, when the hearts and tummy were too content,  Dadi being the sweetest host said "There is some fascinating dessert coming up".  Now, who will not have a special place in their tummy when they hear the word dessert. And then comes this gorgeous show stopper, yaehhhhh, it's a beautiful plate of Gajar Halwa laden with ghee and nuts, topped with vanilla icecream and the sexy Gulab Jamun on the side.. Goddd, every mouth of the dessert was so divine. 

Their Secrets - Few Told and Few Untold : 

At Dadi's Dum Biryani, they believe that choosing the perfect rice to garden fresh veggies to the finest quality of meat is an utmost importance. Dadi had a great knowledge of biryani's belonging to every region and the rice variety used for it. Dadi also said that the meat/chicken should be well marinated with a perfect aromatics which will yield a beautiful pot of sensational biryani's. But, the actual secret was kept as a secret itself, ssss i mean the recipe. Hmmmm, But that's okay. 

Service : 

The restaurant though pretty new,  delivers the best of service. It was a blogger's table in our case where the whole Dadi's family were around us ensuring the best of service. I also observed that other table's too were ensured with the best of service. 

The Crumb Stash's Ratings : 

Ambience : 4/5
Quality - 4.5/5
Taste - 5/5
Service - 4/5
My overall rating would be a genuine 4.5/5 

Whether a hearty meal on a lazy Sunday afternoon, or a grand sumptuous indulgence at the dinner table , Dadi's Kitchen serves a lot of varieties to please one and all. 

You might probably end up visiting Dadi's Dum Biryani from Dadi's Kitchen after reading this post, because am planning to visit. 

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  1. The spices really are exactly that which produce it biryani, also you also ought to utilize cardamom, garlic, onions, saffron if poss. Even the veg in bombay biryani masala recipe could be curry ( that has been traditionally utilized as opposed to beef for Hindu people ), cauliflower, lettuce ( I really don't enjoy lettuce inside them), legumes.