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Flavours Of The Amazing Thailand @ The Tao, Bangalore - A Review

A couple of weeks back, a bunch of us were at The Tao to indulge in their Songkran Thai Food Festival. Songkran is the celebration of  Thai new year, The Tao had crafted an exclusive menu to celebrate this religious and auspicious festival.  Usually, during the Songkran festival, people throw water on family, friends and strangers to wash the bad away. But here at the Tao,  we washed our blues away with their expertly crafted Thai food. Each and every dish in the menu was refined and adjusted to suit all palates by following traditional Thai cooking methods.

About The Tao and The Tao Terraces 

Tao restaurant is located in the heart of Bangalore at 1, MG, Mall, M.G road. The restaurant has got two floors, The Tao and The Tao Terraces. The Tao at downstairs provides an elegant and pleasing decor. The Tao Terraces is an open bar decorated with nature, This posh and chic lounge provides utter sophistication and one can breathe into a sheer luxurious night life .  Their menu boasts of excellent Pan-Asian cuisine.

The Tao - Ambience  

We all decided to seat ourselves in the Tao.  The entrance into the restaurant itself is more like as if you are entering into some iconic places in Thailand. The architecture of the restaurant is so admiring and sensational. Ornamented doors and decor at the entrance is welcoming and warm.  Once you enter the restaurant there are three huge pillars with water body around it, well lit candles, lotus, and overall such a soothing and a romantic ambience to dine in.

Buddha statues around the restaurant put's one to peace and people are all set to enjoy a calm and cool dining.

 I found the floor-level tables with a live grill very exciting. But we all preferred to sit near those pillars as it was another beautiful corner of the restaurant with candles, sounds of water, Thai paintings. Goddd, it's just serenity.

What we relished??

"Simplicity isn't here the dictum at all - David Thompson

Yessss, it's very true. The spell-binding aroma and the mix of flavours makes the dishes tastes rich. The careful play of herbs makes the Thai food truly exquisite. Come, join me to enjoy the harmony of Thai flavours.

Pod Pia Thod Thai Spring rolls with chilli plum sauce: 

We started off with these beautiful spring rolls deep fried to perfection, the fillings were bathed in authentic Thai flavours and it went very well with the chilli plum sauce.

Fish sweet chilli and Celery leaves : 

A starter which we all went yummmmm. Cubes of basa, sauteed and stir-fried with aromatic Thai herbs, celery and finished with a slightly crispy notes.

Spicy minced chicken salad: 

This sooper spicy chicken salad was made the authentic Thai way. As people of Thailand do not like big cuts of meats in their food, it's mostly minced and shredded. The freshness of minced chicken tossed in spices and herbs made it an amazing dish. We all just plunged into it.

Spicy fruit salad : 

This dish was the most wanted by my vegetarian friend and it din't fail to get appreciations from all of us.

A bouquet of assorted fruits like guava, pears, kiwi, grapes, watermelon, apple and chilli dressed up in a spicy and zingy flavours stole the show and it was the star dish of the day. It was too spicy but the interesting flavours coming out kept us gorging on. And when the wait staff was too way courteous to serve , " Mam, pls have more kiwi, some more watermelon"... who will not love to slurp it off..

Sweet corn Salsa: 

A medley of flavours, tangy and spicy, the vegetarians favourite off-course. The aroma of the freshly steamed corn with the authentic Thai herbs still lingers on.

Gang Som Pak Ruam - This sweet sour and spicy soup excited all of us with it's crispy and fresh notes of water chestnut and other veggies.

Main course : 

In main course, I had the Pad Seow Gai which is a flat and thin noodles, sauteed with veggies was slightly tangy, i was not a huge fan of it though. I personally liked the Sliced chicken with Thai yellow paste and Jasmine rice. I also loved the Ruam Stir Fried Vegetable with Chilly Garlic Holy Basil, an assortment of veggies simmered in a saucy preparation full of aromatic herbs and authentic spices.

Desserts : 

We tasted two classic and fantastic Thai desserts.

Child Coconut Milk with Sweet Water Chestnut : 

Served in a martini glass, with interesting ruby red color at the bottom of the glass and coconut milk at the top of the glass, we were all excited to try this dessert.

 The first sip, we just tasted the flavours of coconut milk and the flesh of tender coconut. Then we digged deep into the bottom and took a sip, found it extremely interesting with crispy and candied ruby colored water chestnuts. There was a chunk of crushed ice doused into the dessert to get that chillness through out.  I personally loved this dessert for its presentation and taste.

Fresh Turmeric Ice-Cream : 

The Ga-Ga-Gaaaa moment. We all sincerely wanted to try this amazing dessert, we were in-fact curious to try the fresh turmeric flavours in ice-cream.  The gorgeous turmeric color, its mesmerizing aroma and the freshness of turmeric with honey and roasted sesame topped on it made it a delectable experience. We also went in for a second serving too. A must try when at The Tao. Highly recommended dessert.

Jasmine Tea:  Though i am not a huge fan of tea's, i still had a sip with my friends, subtle flavours, kind of liked it.

Service :

Service was good, but there is still a room for improvement is my personal opinion.

Overall experience: 

It was an amazing journey with The Tao through the authentic Thai flavours. Ambience was sooper cool and relaxing. It striked that perfect Yin-Yang balance.

The Crumb Stash's Ratings : 

Ambience : 4.5/5
Service : 4/5
Food : 4.5/5
Quality : 4/5
Overall rating : 4.5/5

A must try place for a romantic date night and special occasions, climb up and find the Tao Terraces, which is a posh and chic place to unwind. Do visit the place friends, am sure The Tao will not disappoint you.

Good-luck and Bye for now.

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