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Rejuvenate your taste buds @ Saffron - Hotel Park Plaza..

There is a famous saying "A LITTLE SAFFRON GOES A LONG WAY" and so is the experience with this beautifully decored restaurant "SAFFRON" leaves one mesmerised.

I was here at Saffron for their new menu tasting event and it was the 41st FBAB meet up. Thank you so much team FBAB and Park Plaza for the invite. I have to say that Park Plaza, Bangalore has always been very close to my heart for various reasons, one strong reason is the service and ambience of Park Plaza can very easily put one into the relaxation mode, trust me guys it happens with me everytime. I feel so relaxed and easily become a comfortable couch potato when am here. The Yin-Yang energies are in perfect balance when here. ( hahahaaaa..)

Saffron is a fine dining restaurant of Park-Plaza and the fame is that it specialises in North West Frontier Cuisine with a nice romantic ambience perfect for a romantic date out or family gatherings, A cool, calm and rustic place to surprise your clients too. The ambience is sophiscated with huge antique jewelleries,  yet very subtle with an open kitchen. Sounds interesting right???

Saffron has got both indoor and outdoor seatings.

the outdoor seating @ saffron - hotel park plaza

Speaking about North-West Frontier Cuisine, the british demarcated the province of north west frontier, including parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Punjab before India was partitioned. The cuisine is all about Tandoor and Kebabs and got a unique style of cooking, the flavour that the tandoor imparts is stunning and in main courses the spice level is balanced with use of cream, dry fruits and the mighty saffron..

Now lets talk about the food journey .

Its is often said that  " an ounce of saffron is almost the same price as an ounce of gold " , because it is very difficult and labor-intensive to cultivate and harvest and so is the exclusively crafted new menu of SAFFRON. yesss there is a lot of hard-work gone into crafting this new menu. Thanks much and kudos to Chef Md. Ishitiyak and his team.

Here goes a quick sneak peek into the menu. Pls enjoy reading it, I hope it tantalizes your tastebuds too..

Thandai :
We were served with Thandai as a welcome drink, a rich and classic cooler drink sweetened perfectly with shavings of almonds, pistah, melon seeds , a dash of poppy seeds and rose petals.. It was a refreshing drink perfectly chilled.

This exotic Thandai perfectly did its work of tickling our taste buds.

Then we were served with two veg and two non-veg starters, now feel the smoky aroma all over......

Paneer Jaali Kebab :
So soft and tender paneer rectangles wrapped in a curry leaf, raw mango, coriander and green chilli marinade. served in a sizzler tray, perfectly spiced, and the twist here was the curry leaf it gives a little edge to the dish, was so tender and yummm..

the tender paneer jaali kebab 

Sunheri Khasta :
It was more like a spring roll done the Indian way with fillings of carrots, potatoes, cucmber, celery and many more veggies with pine-nuts dipped in corn flour batter rolled in savory vermicelli and deep fried.  I really liked the innovation, was subtle on the palatte with a generous fillings of veggies.

Sunheri Khasta 

Mansahaari /Non Veg Starters :

Surkh Machi Tikka :
Char grilled fish marinated with indian spices and rajasthani red chillies infused with the smoke of cloves.  Pity me, I am not a sea food lover but this won everyones heart there.. The fish won the show..

Machi Tikka 

Murgh Ki Chap :
Chicken thighs steeped on peppery yogurt cheese marinade of raw mangoes, coriander, curry leaf, and char grilled to perfection. This one was my favorite,  outburst of flavours, succulent and sumptuous

Murgh Ki Chap 
Main Course :

We were served with five flavourful curries accompanied with a bread basket..

Churan Ke Kareley :
This Kareley dish was very innovative to me and i liked the dish, The bitter gourd was stuffed with a chooran of amchoor, fennel, corinader, cumin and rock salt tempered with onion seeds and stir fried. Sounded innovative and tasted great too. Highlight is no overpowering of bitterness in the dish.

Ratan Manjusha Aloobhukhara Kofta :
Long and nice name is'nt it?? - Innovation at its best , A big round of applause to the chef for his creativity. This dish is soft cottage cheese and spinach dumpling, it is stuffed with dried plum and almonds simmered in a flavoursome and full bodied gravy.  The koftas were yumm, found it to be unique. Nice one.  People with an eye for innovative dishes please try this out and it will not disappoint you.

look at it - droolworthy

Harre Masaley ka Kadhai Gosht:
Tender mutton cubes stir fried with a refreshing green masala of coriander, mint, green chilllies and  curry leaf spiced up to perfection, succulent cubes of mutton in a luscious and silky gravy topped with crisp fried onions.  I loved the tenderness of the mutton and the silky gravy..

Faizabadi Murgh Korma :
Chicken chunks cooked in a creamy gravy made out with poppy seeds, chirali, cashew nuts and rose petals, Went well with the rotis.

Faizabadi Murgh Korma 

Saffron Dal Makhani :
Saffron styled dal makhani slow cooked so that the flavours outburst, garnished with drizzles of cream. Not a big fan of this one.

Bread Basket:
We were served with an assortment of lacha paratha, butter naan, Mughal Roti ( brushed with egg on the top ). Tasted good.

Chawal/Rice :
We were served with Awadhi Briyani, mouthful of saffron flavours, dum cooked.

They serve a complimentary basket of papads too, i loved those crisps.. tasted great..

Gulukand Ice Cream :
This ice cream was very mildy flavoured with ayurvedic rose petal jam. I liked it , Was very subtle.

My relaxed soul and rejuvenated tastebuds rating :

Is it a fine dining ?? Yes of course, perfect lightings, nice ambience with the right maintained temperature of food and the right kinda ettiquettes of the wait staff makes it a true fine dining experience. Go for it , am sure saffron will not disappoint you.

Ambience :  5/5 ( Sophisticated, luxurious yet comfortable and cool )
Quality  :  5/5 ( quality ingredients used in cooking )
Service :  5/5 ( good service )
Taste    :   4/5

Park Plaza you are just amazing in terms of ambience, service, i can always see the staff with a big smile on their face, the calmness and serenity of this place is just awesome..  Kudos to saffron and their new menu.. Wishing you reach places..

It has been a pleasure sharing with you all my experience on Saffron, Hotel Park-Plaza.  Do visit the restaurant .. Looking forward for your feedback

Address : Hotel Park Plaza, 90/4, Outer Ring Road, Munnekollaly Village,Marathahalli, Bangalore

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