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Pindi - Bangalore's Culinary Treasure and a home to Authentic Punjabi Food


Let me start sharing my experience with Pindi, Bangalore by saying a big 'BALLE'  'BALLE'. 
As i was just sitting back today and relaxing in my couch, was just remembering how the Weekend passed off with all happiness from the bottom of my heart. Sssss... That was one happy Sunday when me and hubby decided to head to PINDI, Bangalore for lunch as it was on my list for a very long time. 

HSR layout is filled with so many restaurants and PINDI is one 'jewel in the crown'. Pindi has got a very rich history, the name being derived from the place "RawalPindi",  they are a very famous oldest restaurant in Delhi, started by Mr. Kasturi Lal long back and its the third generation now following the passion to serve authentic punjabi food. They already have four outlets in Delhi and am so happy that they are in bangalore, because the city has very less authentic punjabi restaurant serving both veg and non-veg.  Pindi can be very easily located as it is in the entrance streets of HSR layout. 

Ambience :

Pindi has two dining areas, one in the third floor and one more delight is their rooftop dining option.  So one can crawl into their rooftop, inhale the lights, stars above and their authentic punjabi food would definitely destress you.

The blessed Bangalore's weather make the rooftop dining a pleasant one.. 

All the sides are covered with these transparent rain proof sheets while it rains.. Lovely is'nt it??

 Since i dropped in for lunch, we choose the third floor. I personally loved it for it's white walls,subtle and rustic ambience, perfect lighting, a cute little bar,  couchy and comfortable sofas, a mix of peppy music, hindustani and punjabi folk, one side of the white walls is fully painted so beautifully with the historic monuments of delhi like india gate, lotus mahal, qutub minar and then the chandini chowk, metro..  is'nt all these good enough to fall in love with this beautiful place???

A rustic and cute little bar. 

couchy and comfortable sofas.. 

Vowww.. cho cute

 These paintaings are done so lively and one is sure to get nostalgic feelings of delhi.. I became so nostalgic and had an instant shift to Delhi..

india gate

cahndni chowk

lotus mahal

 Now lets talk about the food affair.  Punjabi's are big time food lovers, full of life and their food too reflects liveliness and so is Pindi's menu too.

Hubby tried the Murgh Shorba, me tried out their tamatar aur dhaniya ka shorba.. Both of them were yum.. The biggest sigh of relief is no added corn starch to the soup and that is where we were able to taste the actual ingrediets.. Lovely soup it was.. All desi style..

Murgh Shorba - a must try while @ Pindi, full of flavours.

Starters :
We ordered their Paneer Kurkure Special as they said that it is their signature dish. It is panner strips coated with a heavenly marination of some spices, sauces, anardhana seeds, its romantically red in outer layer, coated with crushed papads and deep fried, beautifully plated and paired with green chutney. It was so rich, robust and unique with the bold textures of crushed papad.  Paneer lovers am damn sure you would keep visiting Pindi for this excellency. It's their exclusive, can find it nowhere else in bangalore. 
Paneer Kurkure special - Pindi's signature dish , u can't find it else where in Bangalore. 

Non-Veg Starters:
We ordered their non-veg platter. It had a good serving of Bhatti Ka Murgh, Kashmiri Kebab and Galauti Kebab Special.

Bhatti Ka Murgh : 
Succulent and fresh pieces of chicken cubes, marinated with simple yet robustic spices, tandoored and served with all the love. Its hard to resist that my mouth is watering now and this Bhatti Ka Murgh would never fail to please all.

Kashmiri Kebab :
Yet another excellent and exclusive preparation. The chicken cubes are marinated in cheese, cream, egg and some spices, tandoored and brushed with egg white ( if i am right ), the chef has got real magic in his hands to maintain the rich creamy, cheesy color to this kebab and at the same time cooked to perfection. was little sweet. I liked the dish but not a great fan though.

Galouti Kebabs:
Galouti means "melt in the mouth". Pindi's Special Galouti Kebab melts in your mouth and leave you mesmerized. This is an exotic and royal prepartion from the kitchens of Pindi where the goat meat is very finely made into a mushy kheema marinated with a selection of spices. These mushy, melty kheemas are then shaped into patties and cooked to perfection. I have never had such awesome Galouti Kebabs elsewhere, the magic only the chef knows. I really fell in love with the mild
aroma and taste of the cloves, These Galouti kebabs are paired with small shaped besan ka rotis with a slight sweet taste to balance the spice. Food therapy it is i should say..

I can keep talking about these heavenly Galouti Kebabs but lets move on to the main courses

Main course :
We ordered the Pindi's special "Butter Chicken" . Juicy chicken pieces bathed in a creamy and silky gravy bursting loud with flavours, As i already told in the beginning Pindi is so very famous for its "Butter Chicken, there is a huge fan club. This dish got featured in "the New York Times " in 1982. Mr. Kasturi Lal, the founder had explained that addition of spices and its timings has made his butter chicken famous..The generous usage of desi ghee, butter and cream passionately followed by even the third generation is gonna take Pindi to places. Okay am drooling now..

The creamy butter chicken - a very famous delicacy of Pindi

Laal Maas Kashmiri Special :
Tenderlicious mutton pieces cooked in a mix of flavourful masalas and was done to perfection. Was yumm and spicy too. This is one more sooper creation of Pindi.

We paired these yummy delicacies with roomali roti, garlic and butter naan.
roomali roti -  handkerchief bread.. sooo soft and i loved it.

I really loved their roomali roti the soft handkerchief bread is sure to console your huungry tummy.. the aroma and taste of the garlic naan will keep one asking for more.  

bread basket 

Veg Biriyani :
Yummy tawa style biriyani with nice sauteed veggies topped with shredded cheese and paneer.. True punjabi style 

Jeera Rice : 
This was my hubby's favourite dish there.. The jeera rice was sooo yumm, the aromas of ghee and superlatively sourced jeera was astounding.. we kept eating more and more and we totally fell in love with this wonder.. 

Mocktails : 
We odered two mocktails Pomegranate spritzer - a lovely drink with the deep color of pomegranate bursted out with tastes of lemon juice, pomegranate, ginger ale.. A nice refreshing drink it was.. 

Pomegranate Spiritzer

Also tried the mocktail cindrella- wanted to try it out as the name was so catchy.. who would not love cindrella? It was good. had the taste of orange juices with grenadine. Was good but not a great fan though.. I personally loved the Pomegranate Spritzer


Looking at the small yet defined and cute bar, hubby went in ordering for some beers.. 

the rustic bar. 

Desserts: Fruit Cream

Creamy goodness of fruits, well made small chunks of musk melon, papaya, apple, water melon, grapes They have not added banana as it would be dominating the palette. Rich one. Do try it out while at Pindi, it will never disappoint you. 

Overall, we had a great food which was authentically punjabi, fell so much in love with this place that we never had heart to leave the place. 

Now my happy tummy and hearty soul's ratings... 

Ambience : 5/5 ( the ambience is rustic, cool and calm will not allow one to leave the place soon) 
Taste         : 5/5  ( i can bet anyone pindi provides an authentic punjabi taste, aromas filled all over) 
Quality     : 5/5 ( high class quality meat, paneer and other ingredients used, they maintain a good                                   standard when it come to quality ) 
Service     : 5/5 ( attentive and courteous staff,  always at their feet to serve the customers ) 

Hats off to the owners Mr. Anuj Wadhwa and Mr.Amit Sharma and am so very happy that they have bought Pindi to Bangalore,  Serving hearty and authentic punjabi food with outstanding hospitality is their ethics, passion and etiquettes. 

WE being great lovers of authentic punjabi food happy that we have found one in bangalore.  
I strongly recommend Pindi for authentic punjabi food, The menu has got a range of signature dishes and common other dishes too.. But the difference is definitely there which makes pindi outstanding, The authenticity of punjabi cuisine and the consistency level has been carried over for generations together and that's what makes people fall in love with Pindi and keep their repeat mode on.. Now my repeat mode is also on.  

All the best Pindi and my heartfelt wishes to open more and more outlets and have fans across the globe.

Pciture courtesy : Rajan Sampath ( My hubby )

Address : 15, 13th Cross, 9th main, Sector 6, HSR , Bangalore 

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