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Kopper goodness - My review on Kopper Kadai restaurant..

Why would'nt this royal and unique place deserve a rating of 5.. It truly deserves this rating and hats off to their hardwork, efforts behind their uniqueness in menu, tableware, serveware, service ,  ambience and every detailing of the restaurant.  I have heard a lot about kopper kadai from my friends and kopper kadai is the talk of the town these days and when i was invited to be a part of their food /menu tasting i happily went off.. 

Kopper Kadai is situated in the busy busting streets of Jyothi Niwas College road, Koramangala 5th block proudly serving the food inspired by the northwest frontier cuisine with a twist..
When the whole street is filled with too many pubs, stylish foods, Kopper Kadai stands outstandingly brilliant as a great place for family dining with a royal touch , superlatively crafted menu, unique servewares/tablewares,  vowsome presentation of food, and one can feel that they are in a fine dining place... ssss the moment u enter the restaurant u feel the royal ambience and  wherever ur head turns u can see copper right from the tablewares, servewares, cooking vessels, tumblers, awwww... that is so brilliant.. Its all copper goodness, copper bliss yaar...  KOPPER KADAI uses Copper utensils for their cooking , copper has the property of heating evenly and allows food to get cooked evenly too and that's where they stand unique from others in the crowd , one can feel the unique taste lingering ... A very big round of applause to the interiors, and their thoughts behind choosing the serveware/tableware , creativity everywhere with the old traditional copper.. 

Kopper kadai's menu is creative, superlatively crafted by the celebrity chef Akshay Nayyar, they have done a lot of homework to the menu , the whole menu is filled with signature and traditional dishes served with a twist, sss every food in the menu is interestingly creative with great taste, cute twists,  all very healthy, no bloating feeling and your overall experience is heaven....

We were  initially served with three beverages  and all their sherbet paani are  signature beverages and creatively done.. 

Nariyal Passion Mantra
This drink had passion fruit as the base and they had added some mint, nariyal paani and rimmed the drinkware with red chilli powder..  Nice one, outburst of mint and passion fruit flavours, subtle nariyal ka paani flavour...

Kiwi Ambi Panna
Am sure this drink is gonna captures people's heart.. its not the normal aam ka panna, they have creatively and carefully flavoured this drink with  smoked raw mango, green chilli and amla . this one is a  must try.. 

Chatmola Fatafat : 
This one had the khattameetha cola, lime, jaljeera and the haajemola taste in it. It was served to us in a copper glass with another  transparent glass turned upside down, when they remove off the transparent glass it gets poured into the copper glass and one can enjoy the copper goodness... 

Then the wait staff came with a cute tree type serveware which consisted of pappads, chutney, achar and a cute bell hanging on it which is kept complimentary on every table.. One can ring the bell for refilling.. Unique is'nt it???

Lets talk about the Kebab Gali Se :
Challi Kolmi Kebab :
i can see the love the chef had towards this dish,  its made out of krispy corn and potatoes as a filling, stuck to a bread stick which will look like a lollipop, coated and fried with some wonton kindaa.. Awesome stuff it is, very crispy outside, soft, melty and yumminess overloaded inside,  

Lucknowi Dahhi Ki Shammi:
These were hand rolled dahi patties flavoured with ginger, green chillies and some herbs with a crispy outer layer topped with a dollop of in-house signature sauce. .. Was great on the tastebuds and served in a umbrealla kinda serveware

Murgh Malai Shooley :
These were creamy chicken strips, well cooked tandoor item bursting with malai flavour and great aroma served in a jug like copper ware... 

Mughal E Murgh Tikka :
I loved this a lot, spicy chicken tikka with a yummmm flavour... they have added some unique blend of spices giving it a royal taste.. 

We tried their Tamatar Vadi ka Shorba ,  refreshing soup with tomato flavours, herbs and vadi.. 

Main Course: 
Cooker mein kukkad : 
This is a chicken curry dish served in a cute small pressure cooker and instantly gives us a feel of dining at home... They just release the little pressure left in the cooker whistle in front of us and serve it rightaway hot hottt...  This one was my favourite dish, yummmm and i really appreciate this dish for their confidence.

Warqi Dal E Dastaan :
Its a heritage recipe of mushy dal , creamy 

Mastawa : 
A haleem like dish served in the copper ware. Creamy goodness of mushy lamb and urad dal finished with mint and fried onions, Awesome it was having a slight sweet taste of the condensed milk... Yumminess overloaded, soooo aromatic,  one will easily fall in love with this Mastawa. One of my favourite and must try @ Kopper Kadai ..

These were all served with butter naan, roti and lacha paratha.. 

Almost with filled tummy , got to manage little space for their desserts which were
Dilli Wali Fruit cream :  creamy goodness with cut fruits and garnished with an oreo biscuit being the twist.. 

Gulab Jamun Biskit :   who would'not fall in love with Gulab Jamuns when it is perfectly done and i loved the twist here,, it was baked gulab jamun garnished with biscuits and rabri.. Every bite of it was heaven... 

And then came the cute green truck with a copper can of lassi and the truck was filled withe some ice cubes to keep the lassi chill.. What a great idea it is??? cho cute and one easily becomes a child seeing all these... 

My ratings : 
Food : 5/5 ( yummy, creatively done, signature dishes, creatively served )
Service : 5/5 ( the wait staff are always so courteous , welcoming)
Quality : 5/5 ( their meat and veggies are sourced on daily basis, no storage of old food, freshly grounded spices, ) 
Ambience : 5/5 ( copper vessels, servewares, tablewares all over gives one a royal and a fine dining feel ) 

My overall experience with Kopper Kadai was great....  One has to go and dine in there to experience the Kopper goodness and Kopper blisss..

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