Monday, 21 March 2016

Food Bloggers Association Bangalore, FBAB - An inspiring and enchanting platform for food bloggers

I am so thrilled and excited to write this article. Sssss.  To write about Food Bloggers Association of Bangalore, FBAB has been in the back of my minds for a very long time and atlast the time has come to write down my thoughts and share my happy moments with this lovely group FBAB.

Firstly, let me introduce u all to this group.. Food Bloggers Association Bangalore, FBAB has been started up by Chef BB and the admins of the group being Naveen Suresh and Nameesh Rajamane to perform as a great platform for influential food bloggers and writers to fuel up their passion in blogging and to write about food, review restaurants and many more .. And yes till today they live up to it and ssss i mean every word of it.. Its truly a great platform for food bloggers..

How am i in ??   ----   I have been a silent observer of this talented group, always admiring at their work and bloggers . One fine day it all happened i got an invite from Nameesh for the food tasting event at a restaurant named Bungalow in whitefield.. I was all excited for being recognized by these lovely bunch.. what else should i say.. i just accepted the invite and attended the event..  People say that "First impression is the best impression"  and i have to express my feelings about the first event.. Once i entered the restaurant Cheff BB, the man behind FBAB gave me a warm welcome to the group. Me being very new to the group, these lovely people made me feel so comfortable and it was full of fun. laughter, expert talks about food, food styling, sounds of photo clicks, blogging stuffs, everyone appreciating each others work..  Oh My God.. that was an awesome day and a day to remember in my life because it was a breakthrough to me and a great turning point to my blogging life..

The journey still continues.. I've been getting invites from Chef BB, Naveen and Nameesh for various other events, i have attended few and few unattended due to my personal works..

My second event was the Curtain raiser event for young chef olympiad - IIHM and also the master class with Chef Shaun Kenworthy .. That was a great event and totally an inspiring one. Meeting a lot of talented food bloggers, influential writers, celebrity chefs, the hall buzzing with expert talks. Interacting with the IIHM talent and cherishing the lovely food made by the students of IIHM .. Lovely event it was..

My third event was with YAUTCHA - A Cantonese Fine-Dining Restaurant. I can just keep writing long about this event, but let me keep it short and crisp.  It was a very well organized event and i should say it was one ultimate event.

My fourth event was with Gundappa Donne Biriyani ..   Tasting the yummy donne biriyani was great..

A gist of events attended:
Food tasting @ Bungalow,
Master class with Chef Shaun Kenworthy and curtain raiser for young chef olympiad - IIHM
Food tasting at YAUTCHA
Biriyani tasting at Gundappa Donne Biriyani

and many more rocking events to come up..

Now let me speak more about the group FBAB.. They give a registration form to the bloggers at the beginning itself , the bloggers have their membership id tooo.. Lovely is'in it.. I like their professionalism. Day by day i can see the group growing to heights. Sssss.. the hard-work of the founder and the admins is something mind-blowing.  They take special care while arranging every meet-up that each and every food blogger is at ease and feels very comfortable with the group. Food Bloggers Association Bangalore, FBAB functions with their set ethics which is very much appreciatable and deserves a big round of applause...

I love to be a part of this brilliant group and see this group rocking. Happy that i have met talented bunch of people from whom i have learned a lot.. Influential writing, food styling photography, a lot about food and restaurants and many more is my learning from this lovely group . And FOOD BLOGGERS ASSOCIATION BANGALORE, FBAB is my daily dose of motivation..

I extend my heartfelt thanks to FBAB for constantly providing a wonderful platform for food bloggers and reviewers.. FBAB has been an inspiration to many people outta there.. Keep rocking and my wishes to win many more heartss...

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