Tuesday, 25 February 2020


When the most beautiful ambience and flavours come together you call it an incredible experience, right? Wondering what I am talking about? Without any further ado... read further! 

For all you lovely souls who would love to dine under the stars, gaze at the moon by the pool, with the wind gushing on your hair and whoever is up for a luxurious soak of North-West Frontier flavours.. you gotta head to "The Persian Terrace", a hero restaurant of Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway which is one of the stalwarts in Bangalore's foodscape that has weathered rain and shine for almost 9 years and continued to be one of the stunning places in the city to visit post-sunset. 

Be it the marvellous ambience that showcases the Persian influence or the vibrant flavours that offers you a beautiful experience, "The Persian Terrace" is an amazing place to unwind yourselves and soak in the vibes. With scrumptious dishes on the menu, this place deserves a tick in every foodie's bucket list. 

The Persian Terrace is now hosting a North-West Frontier Food Festival that started on 21st February and is on till the March 1st, the food is already making the foodies of the city a lil tizzy. The festival showcases some glorious kebabs like Zimikand ki Shaami, Tandoori Pomfret, Tandoori Prawns which was clearly a crowd-pleaser, Galawat Kebab a melt-in-mouth delicacy was everyone's favourite and left us all mesmerised with the beautiful blend of meat and spices. 

Galawat Kebab

 A special shoutout to Raan-e-Musallam, a dish that had the Great Mughal Kings licking their fingers had us also licking our fingers clean and took us on a culinary extravaganza. The meat was so soft and literally fell off the bone. How can I forget the Bharwan Aloo that soaked in all the flavours of the stuffings and made us crave for more?  Don't miss these flavourful dishes when you are there. 

Bharwan Aloo 

From juicy kebabs to Dal Makhani that's insanely creamy to different breads like crunchy Bikaneri Paratha, Taftan to yummilicious Biryani.. the North-West Frontier Food Festival is giving some serious foodgasm. 

 The Executive Chef Gaurav along with his team has done a brilliant job, so don't be surprised to find yourself claiming to have had the best aromatic, smokey kebabs while digging into their signature Dal Makhani and Biryani. 

Pamper your sweet tooth with the Baked Gulab Jamun and Shahi Tukda. It's a sin if you don't, so don't miss it out. 

The fest is priced at Rs.2500 + taxes ( Vegetarian ) and Rs.3500 + taxes ( Non-Vegetarian ) and is available only for dinner. Go savour some North-West Frontier delicacies before the 1st of March and rejuvenate your tastebuds. 

Venue : The Persian Terrace, Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway 

Indulge Before: March 1st

Time : 6.30 - 11.30 pm (Dinner Only) 

Happy Eating All You Lovelies. 

Thursday, 20 February 2020


It's always such an amazing feeling when something special turns your mid-week blues into only happy vibes, Right?  It was such a fabulous evening a couple of weeks back at Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru at Embassy One with some of the cities finest food writers, food enthusiasts and aspiring foodies all witnessing a very interesting and inspiring cook-off session with the reputed restaurateur and Michelin Star Chef Chris Galvin who came all the way from London and made our garden city more vibrant. 

The Crumb Stash had the great honour to experience the cookoff sesh and it was a virtual treat to see the Michelin Star Chef Chris Galvin splashing some magic in the kitchen. He demonstrated 4 Masterchef kinda dishes and every dish inspired me to cook and looked nothing less than a work of art. Literally, we were not able to help but just drool over it again and again. 


A big round of applause to Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru team for having beautifully etched the event and it was a gorgeous evening at CUR8, their fine-dining restaurant that serves European, Italian, Continental, North-Indian & South-Indian food. 

The team made full use of the golden hour and turned it out more fabulous with an informative cook-off evening. 

We learnt to make Imambayaldi, Escabeche of Yellowfin Tuna with Aubergine Puree & Herbs, John Dory with Orange Glazed Cauliflower Puree, Curry Oil, Pine Nuts, Sultanas and the show stopper dish was Charred Pumpkin, Burrata, Chima de rappe, Hazelnut, Pomegranate & Sage.

It was so much fun to see some of the preparations done in the huge charcoal grill pit that's right in the centre of CUR8 restaurant and is the largest grill in the country. One will surely get excited looking at the glow of sparks and that coal sparkling. 

Let's Indulge In Some Visual Treat: 

Okay guys, tell me one thing! What is life without beauty and joy, good food, good friends and an interesting story behind a dish?? 

The first-star dish chef made for us was  IMAMBAYALDI, its always fun to trace the history of a certain dish and this dish has predominantly been a classic of the Turkish region. So here's a small story behind the dish, a Turkish Imam indulged in this dish and after that, he fainted when his wife said she had finished off all the olive oil at home just to make this one dish.  While we listened to the story so interestingly, the entire space smelled so divine and the aromas that wafted literally made me go crazy. 

The second dish was this elegance on a plate, Escabeche of Yellowfin Tuna with Aubergine Puree & Herbs. What do you do when you see such elegance on a plate? Click as many pictures as your heart desires or just indulge in the exquisite experience??

 Me not being an avid seafood lover, indulged in clicking numerous pics, but please let me know in the comments what would you do! 

The third dish John Dory made with organic glazed endive, cauliflower puree, curry oil pine nuts & sultanas was a  beautiful blend of food and love. Even the seafood lovers felt a little guilty before scooping out this one, but they went gagagaaaaa after having a taste of it and a friend of mine said: "It's truly one of the finest experience I've ever had". 

The fourth and showstopper dish Charred Pumpkin, Burrata, Chima de rappe, Hazelnut, Pomegranate & Sage was truly a delicious and incredible combination. A dish that took both the veg and non-veg lovers to food heaven, pampered our tastebuds and truly captivated our senses. Yup! never knew that I would fall in love with a pumpkin dish so much. The magic was in that charred pumpkin which gave a whole yummilicious twist. 

 The team also pampered our tastebuds with tasting portions of all these delicacies and I am still not able to get over it. 

Thanks a ton to the Michelin Star Chef Chris Galvin for exclusively curating all these sexy dishes for us and a big thanks to Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru At Embassy One for soaking us all in such an incredible experience. 

See you all soon in an another interesting blog. Till then bye-bye and love you all!. 

Friday, 31 January 2020


Wondering where to take your sweetheart on your next date?? Looking out to cast a spell on your date? Don't worry, we've got your back! The Crumb Stash recently visited this newly launched haute spot called "SPOT 360" @ DoubleTree Suites By Hilton Hotel Bangalore. It's a recent discovery, but really a worthy one. Join with me as I take you all on a virtual tour of this place. 
Happily tucked away amidst the hustle and bustle of Sarjapur, SPOT 360 is a charming rooftop and poolside lounge splashing all romantic vibes.  Bangalore is always prettiest in the evenings, as terraces open up one can soak in some much-needed romance and that too poolside dining spots always has a magical allure associated with it. The hotel has made the fullest use of this and crafted the spot so beautifully to make all your special occasions extra special. You gotta head to this place for a worthwhile experience. 

SPOT 360 scores big on the location and the ambience too. The interiors boasts of rich wooden seatings, cozy cabanas to chillax couches to unwind yourselves and become a lazy dazy couch potato or sink into the couch for that perfect peppy drink.

 The beautiful soft lightings, sophisticated yet charming interiors add more character and life.  Sit on the high rise bar chairs for some time and load up on the wine or margaritas, order some grubs and then move on to your cabana or take a walk through the pool and enjoy the wind in your hair, gaze at those twinkling stars and the gorgeous city skyline view and settle in for your private couple time. 

With an ambience like that, their food is also top-notch at reasonable prices. The chefs here are a whiz and can plate up the most interesting, unique flavours in a dish and leave you surprised. For all the cocktails lovers, there is also a good cocktail menu to pamper the fancy you. The best part of the menu is, it has a lot of twists to the popular North-Indian and South-Indian dishes and also offers some street food delicacies too. Happy???  

I started off with a Musk-Melon flavoured cocktail beautifully presented in a musk-melon shell. Every sip of it was heaven. The Coffee cocktail is also worth the mention and clearly favourite of even non-coffee lovers. 

Meanwhile moved on to some yummy grubs. We tasted DIY Bruschetta Baskets, Chatpata Chicken Tikka, Paneer Tikka, Saffron & Black Pepper Chicken Tikka. The tikkas were charred to perfection, juicy and tender and went well with the beautiful relish that came along. 

Tandoori Prawns was clearly a crowd favourite, huge tiger prawns well marinated and the flavours were mind-blowing ( thank god I am a non-vegetarian soul). 

But, I also decided to grab some Masala Corn on the cob from my Vegetarian friend, dint really find it interesting, was way too dry.

  If you still have a big hunger, then go for the Mutton Burger, the lamb patty is done quite different and all the other ingredients, sauces and mayo came together wonderfully in this amazing dish. 

For all the street food lovers, sink your teeth in some Pani Puri. If you are a person who is looking out for a fusion dish, then go for the Makhani Fondue Bowl, it's a beautiful variation of desi dish and you have to try this out am sure it will melt your heart. Dip those crispy naan curls, bread cubes into this makhani fondue and you'll know you have hit a gold mine. 

And how can I forget the star dish of the night "The Atta Chicken", a dish which everyone indulged in? The chef said, that the whole chicken is cleaned, pierced and marinated overnight in spices and the meat is encased in wheat flour dough and is roasted in the tandoor for almost four hours. 

The dough hardens, locks the juices and the flavours of the meat and the spices within making sure you lick your plate clean. 

Loved the funky twist to the Moge Wala Martaban Meat where the curry was topped with crunchy moong dal and served with naan crisps and red rice. 

Their Tandoori Prawn and Atta Chicken are to die for, make sure you keep this on your list. 

Finished off the affair with the double tree choco-chip cookie cup 

Overall, SPOT 360 is an enchanting beauty, is one of a kind and magical. Ideal place for long and cozy conversations. Go there with your Bae, discover your love for each other while admiring the ambience and gorging on the best dishes the place has to offer. The place is a gift to all Instagram enthusiasts, you will have a nice chill time clicking beautiful pics.


SPOT 360
Sarjapur Main Rd, Amblipura, PWD Quarters, 1st Sector, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102