Tuesday, 12 June 2018


As the holiest month of Ramzan officially hits the Islamic Calendar, there's a lot of positivity and spiritual vibes spreading around. One can witness the restaurants and vendors putting in a lot of effort to make the Ramzan month a delicious affair offering devouring dishes to satisfy everyone's craving. This is the time when food lovers in the city are obsessed by the flavors of Ramzan. To enchant the people this holy month, Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway is hosting a gastronomic extravaganza with loads of Iftar delicacies making the festival an interesting one.

Join me as I take you all through the evening which we enjoyed. "Feast" at Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway is a fine-dining buffet restaurant serving yummy Continental, North-Indian and South-Indian delicacies as a part of their daily buffet. Being the Ramzan season, the chef had showcased some expertly curated Ramzan delicacies and the menu changes on daily basis. Starting from dates to break the fast to meaty treats like kebabs, Battidar Chops, Kalonji Murgh, Jarwar Murgh, Bhuna Murgh Chicken, Haleem and Dumba Biriyani, every dish was a royal feast.

Every Muslim break their Iftar by eating dates, I wanted to follow them and even I started off the meal with dates.

Then I managed to get my hands on the juicy kebabs. Battidar Chops was the first one which got my attention, lamb chops marinated in flavorsome masala, cooked till tender and was a delight. Tried the Kalonji Murgh too. In the vegetarian, Masala Bhutte Kebab turned out to be everyone's favorite. 

Then came the huge handi of Mutton Haleem in the array and I decided to treat my taste-buds with that slow-cooked delicious mash of meat, lentils, wheat and some aromatics too.

The Iftar spread had a decent range of curries to pair with the Rotis and Biryani like Jarwar Murgh, Nalli Nihari, Bhuna Murgh Chicken and Beef Curry and all of these quite impressed us. The Bhuna Murgh Chicken was a nice and luscious curry with some wonderful Indian spices.  Nalli Nihari, a slow cooked curry was truly a meat lover's delight. The combination of tender and succulent mutton and the aromatics left us asking for more.

A Special mention to the fragrant Dumba Biriyani which had a young whole goat marinated in spices that sat on its feet and the goat is slow cooked to perfection, then kilos of par-cooked biriyani rice is added to it and dum cooked in the slow fire. Totally loved the fried eggs which were a surprise element as we dug into this delight. This one had the capacity to make people feel like a King/Queen. The chef had pulled out great patience to do this.

There's also an array of yummy and rich sweets to indulge in which made our hearts and lips smile every time we scooped a bite. The classic Shahi Tukda, Champa Kali, Balushahi, Lacha Dhoodh, Gulab Phirni and Chocolate Burfri were all a visual treat to the eyes as well as to the taste buds too. 

Overall it was a lavish gourmet menu and a big round of applause to Chef Anthony for expertly curating this Royal Iftar Feast.

So friends, do check out the Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway and indulge to your hearts and tummy's content.

Eid Mubarak everybody!


  1. This is truly a feast, infact my tummy started grumbling after reading the post and checking out all the images. Great food and awesome presentation.

  2. Thank you Dipika. Do check it out

  3. Yummy food. All the pictures are making me hungry. Have to check out this place.

  4. Now these are some amazing delicacies for Iftaar, all lip smacking and something to treat upon.

  5. I'm sure you might have lots of fun eating this delicacies :) Lovely presentation !

  6. All dishes look so mouth watering and delicious. Eid Mubarak to you.

  7. Iftar is looking so delicious and drool worthy. Will love to check out this place.

  8. This is a yummy and droolworthy spread. Iftar food is indeed special.

  9. A great way to spend good time with family while relishing great food