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In today's world, most of us are cautious about how we look and what we eat, few restaurants are doing a great job in helping us turn towards a gracious lifestyle. Dining clean and enjoying the odd indulgence every now and then has become a popular trend globally, but is still a niche concept. Keeping all this in mind and understanding the adventurous foodies of Bangalore who wants to try new cuisine always, Mayura Kutappa and Chef Himanshu have started Forage, of course, a bold attempt of catching up with the clean eating trend and making it a whole lot tastier.

Forage, tucked in the busy bustling streets of Indiranagar,  transforms the eating-out scene with healthy greens, vegan beverages, and gluten-free alternatives. From salads to burgers to grills to guilt-free desserts forage makes sure you get your dose of clean food without compromise on flavors. Though the food is not your typical next door kinda food, no doubt the food has and will continue to have an impact on consumer satisfaction and return patronage.

A Niche Concept :

This stylish and relaxed restaurant stands out as top-notch with a very well crafted guilt-free menu which focusses on California style dishes. The menu serves most of your favorite dishes minus guilt and scores high marks for its clean-eating credentials, yes Forage doesn't include refined flour, sugar, milk, no artificial colours and also skips chicken and paneer, trust me we didn't feel that we were missing on these proteins, So you can pleasingly say a good-bye to gluttony foods. The menu at Forage clearly pushes Vegan food and clean eating concept beyond imaginations and celebrates the seasonal and organic produces.


Talking about the ambiance, Forage is tranquil and a cozy spot for a relaxing lunch/dinner in the ever-bustling streets of Indiranagar. The restaurant looks more like a posh home with inner dining and outer-dining space.

Once you enter this place, you feel joyous and uplifted, the vibrant colors of the chairs, cushions, cute lamps and few quirky elements will immediately catch your attention. There is a little bookshelf too so grab a book while you indulge in some clean and healthy eating. Now would you like to ask for more ???

Food - The Extravaganza :

A bunch of my friends were here and we kickstarted the lunch with the drinks, I had opted for POM which is a pure pomegranate juice and Sunrise, a blend of apple, ginger, black pepper, lemon and carrot. The juices are without sugar.



We then thought let's boost some nutrition with salads. So, one of my friends ordered the Beet and Orange Salad which had the juice bursts from orange with a zingy vinaigrette topping and the crackle of walnuts added to the crunch factor.

Me being a huge fan of Quinoa would never like to miss it, hence ordered the Quinoa Salad. It had tossed chickpeas, toasted sesame seeds and lime tahini garnished with a hint of mint.  The Salads were truly a burst of flavors and jazzed up the fair.

The concept of clean eating made us excited to keep trying more from the menu, The Chargrilled Vegetables With Prawns on a bed of smoked cauliflower puree was a delightful vegetarian treat with spellbinding flavors. The Petite Lamb Chops is truly a red meat lovers fantasy. Gorgeous pieces of lamb perfectly marinated and lusciously done popped out with deliciousness, was served with buttery soft baby potatoes tossed in Italian herbs.

petite lamb chops 

chargrilled vegetables with cauliflower puree topped with prawns 

Here come's the show ruler, A Piece Of Cake, sounds unique right? Lemme talk to you about it,  this is steamed red rice cake topped with sauteed crunchy mixed greens in creamy coconut sauce with prawns. I have never tried this kind of a yummy preparation elsewhere, have to mention that the prawns were exceedingly fresh. In the world of low-calorie foods, this dish holds a special place and is such a sassy avatar. The Crumb Stash highly recommends this dish. Do give it a try and am sure you will appreciate me.

a piece of cake with prawns 

My friends had ordered a couple of more dishes like Peppered Sausages and Beef Fillets. 

Desserts :

The devil on my shoulder always say's "Have more Desserts", But keeping in mind the calories, I resist myself in indulging. But at Forage the dessert scenes are fantastic which delivered flavors without a heft. Yayyyy! Guilt Free, Sugar-Free and Gluten Free,  now who cares about that extra scooping?  We got to taste their Chocolate Torte which is made with real cacao, raw cane sugar, crushed almonds and olive oil. This had a very subtle nutty flavor and an earthy aura. Just Chocolate Mousse was a simple one with real dark chocolate and no sugar.

Chocolate Torte 

Chocolate Mousse 
 My favorite was the Cashew and Date Creme Caramel.  It's a date caramel topped with luscious cashew cream. Every spoon of it was like going to heaven and coming back but without any guilt.

cashew and date creme caramel

The Crumb Stash's Ratings and Overall Experience :

Forage has all that you crave for luxury, pampering and of course great food. If you are looking for a peaceful, quiet, some stunning gourmet clean food then Forage is your go-to place. So Friends, this time of the year, head out to Forage for a new experience that will leave you and your taste-buds satisfied.

Ratings :
Ambience  : 5/5
Quality      : 5/5
Taste          : 4.5/5
Price          : 4/5
Overall Rating: 4.5/5


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