Friday, 22 December 2017

Sugar, Spice, Royal Icing and Plenty of Happiness : Gingerbread House Opening and Christmas Tree Lighting @ Sheraton Bangalore

Tis that time of the year where happy vibes and festivities can be spotted almost everywhere, no matter how good or bad your year has been, the year-end celebrations of Christmas and New-Year serve as an instant mood lifter and also denotes the importance of ending the year happily for a new beginning. The spirit of Christmas is all about you to look back at the year with gratitude and wish for the best in future. Well, of-course X-Mas is incomplete without Tall Gingerbread houses, Bushy Christmas Tree, shiny stars, baubles, liting bells, carols, fairy lights and delectable plum cakes, Keeping all this in mind Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway hosted a grandeur event for their Gingerbread House Opening and Christmas Tree Lighting on the 1st of December,  which contagiously spread a lot of happiness and charm, few bloggers were invited to witness the fun-filled evening and The Crumb Stash was happy to be a part of this auspicious event.

It was a cold evening while we braved the Bangalore traffic and reached Sheraton on time.  I was sooper thrilled the whole day thinking about this auspicious event, the Christmas caroling, meeting the Santa to tell my secret wishes (Sshhhh!, don't ask me that, it's secret), make merry with the GingerBread House and Christmas Tree. Trust me, people, Once I saw the huge and mighty looking GingerBread House, Bushy Christmas Tree and The Santa's Sleigh I turned into a kid, was seeing it with loads of excitement like Hansel and Gretel but on a happy note.

 The whole space was looking like a fairyland, smelling so good, flowing with loads of happy vibes and laughter everywhere. The GingerBread House was richly frosted with royal icing and covered with meringues, marshmallows, gummies, J shaped Candies. There were almost 50 kids adorning the event and those cute little hands were making their own gingerbread houses. Doesn't these looks splendid?? 

Sheraton had 17 students from Shishu Mandir, who brilliantly performed the Carols. It was bliss listening to these carols, once the carols got over, we witnessed the grand opening of that majestic looking Ginger-Bread House followed by Christmas Tree Lighting.

 I have to tell you guys this, the mightly looking GingerBread House at Sheraton is 14ft tall, approximately 3500 tiles, involved 9 chefs working on it conitnuously for 8 days.  This huge gingerbread house consumed around 650 kg flour, 340 kg of sugar, 125 kg of glucose, 150 kg of honey, 3 kgs of marshmallows and 3 kgs of jujubes, 11 days to make the shell, 08 days only for the bakery and edible decorations. Omg, I know your head is spinning right now, but truly appreciate the efforts Sheraton has taken to construct this ambitiously large-scale  GingerBread House. 

The team behind the construction of GingerBread House.  A big round of applause to them.

Some delicious and soulful Christmas grubs like Walnut and Goat Cheese Crostini, Lamb Shepherds Pie, Jalapeno & Corn Dynabites, Plumcake, Mulled Wine was also served to the guests. 

Overall, it was a great evening to remember. Thanks a bunch Sheraton for hosting us, that evening will stay in our hearts forever.  

The Crumb Stash wishes you all a very Happy Christmas. 

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