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There is a famous saying "As long as you know how to bake, life is sure to be sweet",  In-order to make people's life sweeter Toscano has come up with Chef's College where the Head Chef's of Toscano conducts exciting culinary classes and this time it was Bread Baking. Toscano's Wine Bar and Pizzeria at VR Bengaluru delighted the baking enthusiasts of the city with their Bread and Baking Techniques on July 13th, 2017. The participants witnessed a spell cast by the Head Chef's Goutham Balasubramanian and Sadish Kumar where the flour, yeast and water turned into heavenly focaccia's and luscious brioches.

About Toscano:

Toscano is Bengaluru's most loved Italian chain of restaurants, establishing its presence in Forum Mall - Whitefield and Koramangala, Jayanagar, Orion Mall, VR Bengaluru and UB city, successfully run by Red Apple Kitchen Pvt Ltd. Toscano being the brainchild of Internationally acclaimed Chef's Jean Michel Jasserand and Goutham Balasubramanian , the restaurant boasts the best of food and drinks, classy ambience, courteous service and a romantic dining experience.


Chef's college is an amazing initiative by Toscano where exclusive culinary sessions are handled by experts and head chefs Goutham Balasubramanian and Sadish Kumar. Every workshop at Chef's College is packed with knowledge and provides you with an opportunity to work with the prodigies and taste your results. On July 13th, 2017, Chef's College @ Toscano, VR Bengaluru delighted the baking enthusiasts of the city with Bread and Baking Techniques.  For those who think bread making is a complicated process, hold on to that thought, Chef's College is there to help you with their experts. In the two hour class, we got to learn the essentials of yeast proofing,  dough making, also got our hands on to prepare some delicious and heavenly bread.

Head Chef and Founder of Toscano Chef Goutham Balasubramanian(in the middle), Head Chef Sadish Kumar(in the left) 
Head Chef and Founder of Toscano Chef Goutham Balasubramanian(in the middle), Head Chef Sadish Kumar(in the left) 

Ingredients - all set for the class
smooth and elastic dough

not a white cushion, it's the dough which grew and grew. 

What did we do @ Chef's College? 

As the clock ticked 10 am, participants started coming in and registrations happened.  Delicious breakfast was all set there to warm the hungry souls, Not to worry if one has missed their breakfast, the package includes breakfast and lunch, Sounds interesting right?  The breakfast had cold sandwiches, cake slices, cut fruits, cookies, juices, coffee, tea. Am sure the breakfast was energetic to everyone.  

Chillax Breakfast 

cut fruits 

yummy sandwiches 

After the yummy breakfast, the class started, we also got our hands on making the dough, interacted a lot, questioned the head chef's about our silliest doubt's too, watched the dough expand like a lively white cushion grow bigger and bigger, turned all the beautiful work to delicately chambered crisp focaccias, multigrain bread, piadina and luscious brioches. The restaurant was lingering with the smell of the earthy fresh baked bread as it came out of the oven. 

golden baked and stuffed bread

Head Chef Sadish Kumar with the baked stuffs

After a power packed session buzzing with baking talks, It was lunch time, Toscano had a sumptuous three-course lunch to please that hungry belly. The lunch was a complete buffet, from soups to salads to pastas to risottos to desserts everything was super yummy.  Take a quick glance on the pics,  see what all we relished. 

sumptuous buffet spread - yummmm

arrabbiata chicken pasta
chocolate magic noir, mango profit roll, apple crumble
People around VR Bengaluru, do try out their Corporate Lunch Buffet, It's super yum and priced reasonable @ 695 + taxes available on Thursdays and Fridays. If there is a group of 6 or more, avail 15% discount. 

Why Chef's College @ Toscano is worth it ???
  • Cost: The whole package includes the course, recipe sheets, sumptuous breakfast and lunch which cost's around 899 to 999. Doesn't this sound like a good deal? 
  • It's fun:  Meeting new people, you will enjoy a whole new experience. 
  • Learn new things:  Every session has got something new and interesting for the participant. 
  • Learn things accurately:  When you have the prodigies in front of you, it's easy to clarify doubts and you get hands on experience, it's much better than the Tv shows or youtube series. 
  • Bake and Cook like a Pro: With the recipe sheets and knowledge gained one is sure to perfect the dishes. 
Do register yourselves next time @ Chef's College to learn something new and interesting. 

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Bake with love and let the aroma of freshly baked bread spread in your house. 

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