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How often does one get to spend a day with their closest friend? Well, this is one of those day's when my gorgeous friend planned a beautiful dinner date for me. When she planned up for this special date, I believe all that she had in her mind was, "the moment we set our feet into the restaurant, we should instantly feel that sweet mood", where the gentle breeze tends to follow us freely across, while we stare at the awesome set table with twinkling stars above. Along with the specially curated meal which truly warms the hungry soul, Doesn't it sound like a culinary holy grail?

Yaehhhh, Grasshopper is a hidden foodie's paradise and the city's much needed culinary holy grail.

About Grasshopper - I call it as a paradise !!

Grasshopper is an idyllic oasis above the hustle and bustle of the city.  In a chic farm house of the tucked in streets of Bannerghatta Road, is where this perfect hideaway is and the restaurant has been in existence for 14 years. I had a chance to meet the owner Mrs.Sonali, a sweet lady who looks sooper cool, an Indian but brought up mostly in Italy. When i came to know that she has spent most of her days in Italy, I just felt only one thing, she knows perfectly to capture the heart's and mind's of her customers who is always in look out for an unique and romantic dining experience.  Grasshopper is not only a paradise to Bangalore but in the whole of India, i feel there are very few such cosy set-up's.

 Just with 5-6 tables, the restaurant looks so romantic, ensuring people for a unique and soul-touching experience. Advance reservation is a must and the restaurant is open only for dinner, Once you book a table, the chef will enquire you in advance whether you wanna opt for a seven course or a five course meal, about your preferred food choices, food allergies and other needed details. We preferred the seven course meals. The food is exclusively crafted by the chef, all that you need to do is, indulge yourselves into the laidback harmony and just experience the bliss.
There is also a worthy dress boutique where the focus is mostly into organic fabrics, now you can also shop while you eat.

Ambience :   Let's enter the Paradise

Now, Feel this people,  Just imagine having a dinner date with someone dear to you in an inviting and romantic setting, with great music softly playing in the background, sexy lanterns, fresh and subtle mood lifting flowers and lovely lit candles which adds that warm glow to your surroundings, this is the kind of  scenario at Grasshopper and it will surely make you feel loved and connected. The swaying trees also adds up some tropical touch.  The guests can also kick off their shoes, let loose and feel the grass under their feet.

Trust me friends, This beautiful place will leave no stone unturned.

Food : The Subtle Seduction

When the green farm rolled into the sunset, the glittering hanging lights were up...  Grasshopper curates some sexy and delicious European food,  there's the meat, the fish, the fruit and some very fine wine too. We were all geared up for the hearty seven course meal.

We started off with the Ginger Lime Cooler, a refreshing drink with subtle flavors of ginger,mint and lemon. It was a perfect de-stressing drink. 

Ginger Lime Cooler

There was also some warm breads accompanied with olive oil on the beautiful set table, Just munch on it while you are looking forward the next surprises.

Some breads 

Our First course was Cucumber gel with herbed cream cheese and flying fish roe  -  an amuse bouche with cucumber gel and fresh cucumber served with a herbed cream cheese, topped with flying fish roe. Every bite of it was really heaven.. This amuse bouche pushed us into the wonderland

Amuse Bouche - cucumber gels with herbed cream cheese and fish roe

Asparagus with crisp sage and Parmesan (second course )  - An interesting vegetarian starter dish where the crisp Asparagus was cooked perfectly and presented with crispy fried sage and creamy parmesan curls.

asparagus with crisp sage and parmesan

Prawns with mango, ginger, sesame and seaweed (third couse ) was a perfect starter non-vegetarian starter, In every bite of the prawn, one is sure to get mesmerized.  With the bite of mangoes, the prawns tasted even more better. Hats off to the chef for this stunning creation.


Who want's rich masala food when one can bite into a melange of light, crispy and plateful of bursting flavours ?  Yaehhh , The fourth course is a salad of mixed greens with oranges, walnut,  black olives and oregano, The salad was literally a firework on the plate bursting out with flavours.

the salad

Braised chicken with green olives ( fifth course ), Tender chicken pieces were braised in a flavourful mix of herb and doused with with a sauce of olives which added to that Mediterranean flair. 

braised chicken with green olives

Lamb rounds with a spiced red wine sauce served with zucchini parpadelle ( sixth course ), the best lamb dish i've ever had in my life. I fell so much in love with this dish. I must confess here that both, the chicken and Lamb meat were so carefully sourced and expertly done. Both the meat dises were kick-ass. Yes, I mean it because while cutting it with the knife, It was just like cutting a chunk of butter. That soft it was.

lamb rounds

Finally, comes the seventh course ( the showstopper ), some glamorous desserts with fun elements.
Gotta taste their salted dark chocolate ganache with mustard ice-cream, Lemon grass ice-cream, Organic honey and cinnamon ice-cream.  I was getting confused here , Is it Love at first sight or Love at first bite??  The desserts were truly an experience. Every scoop of it was like going to heaven and coming back. 

salted dark chocolate ganache with mustard ice-cream

Lemon Grass ice-cream

Organic Honey and Cinnamon Ice-cream

When a place like Grasshopper can constantly create innovation in the kitchen, play around with the textures and flavors, all that i felt was to stay back there only.. in the para para paradise! 

Service :

The service is courteous and attentive. There is no much disturbance to your intimate dining experience, But when needed the service staff is right there to take you through the courses of surprise.

The Crumb Stash's Ratings:

The Food, Ambience and Service at Grasshopper warmed and excited my hungry soul and hence this rating. .

Ambience         : 5/5 ( truly intimate setting and an ultimate romantic place )
Food and Taste : 5/5  (truly mesmerized )
Quality             : 5/5 ( they get things super fresh and buy it only when its fresh )
Service             : 5/5  ( very attentive )
Innovation        : 5/5 ( yes, they deserve it for all their exclusively crafted dishes )
Overall Rating  : 5/5

The Verdict :

Though, the whole experience is a pricey affair,  I personally feel, It's worth for the quality, the ambience and the creativity they show in food. The energy that oozes from its endless innovations and tantalizing aromas, it's highly contagious and keep's one wanting to come back for more and more
Wanna propose to your partner?? Wanna excite your love ?? , Then pick your special day, enjoy the day to the fullest with a beer/sparkling wine and warm up your love life at Grasshopper with the sexy set menu, mood music and am sure this laid back feast brings in happy memories to you all too. I highly recommend this luxury dining. 

Ciao and Love for Now Dearies.

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