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My Italian Dinner Date with Little Italy @ Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

LET'S GO GIRL'S NIGHT OUT was the mantra of that balmy and beautiful evening last week. This group of chic's decided to visit a chic and sophisticated ristorante, yaehhh it was an Italian ristorante, the very famous, romantic, award winning and a vegetarians paradise,  LITTLE ITALY @ Sarjapur Road was our destination to fill in both our hearts and tummy.

When you dine out with your friends/date there's a fun element to it, stress free and just eating together, LITTLE ITALY played a perfect destination to us. What could be better than a great night out at a photogenic restaurant with a romantic rooftop dining, enticing ambience, mind soothing Italian rivera music, Italian classic menu accompanied with very friendly and accomodating staff ?  It was indeed a gorgeous Tuscan Romance @ LITTLE ITALY, Sarjapur Road branch.

Lets go on a Roman tour @ LITTLE ITALY.

What's unique @ LITTLE ITALY ???

I must confess here that  LITTLE ITALY is a gift to all the vegetarians, veggies are the real stars of the kitchen here. I heard one of my friend saying that " I am prejudiced towards vegetarian food, but if there is a restaurant which can play with veggies and present such culinary delights why would i get prejudiced??? "  , so thats the uniqueness here. Just enticing their patrons with veg food and more veg food since 1989.

Their sauces and cheese are all In-House and exclusive,  What would my life be if there is no parmesan to grate over my pasta, salads or no mozarella over my pizza??  That's now perfectly understood by this restaurant. Their pizza's and pastas are extra yummy because of their In-House cheese and sauces,

Ambience :

LITTLE ITALY @ Sarjapur Road charms its diners with elegantly done decor and a welcoming service.  They have both in-door and rooftop dining. The in-door dining is richly decorated with huge lanterns and comfortable couches where you can just relax at the end of a tiring day. It is posh and has a more home-like feel.

Wanna watch the stars and smell some fresh air ?? Crawl to the roof-top . Listen to the beautiful singing accents amidst the warm glowing candle, sip some wine and am sure that you are gonna have a quality time alongside the gourmet cuisine.  I felt it is a true oasis of tranquility.

But it's not just the ambience you will be falling in love with , also the food which will warm your heart and tantalize the palate.

My Food Affair @ LITTLE ITALY :

LITTLE ITALY'S reputation as an award-winning restaurant was enticing me to explore its specialites and i decided to splurge and eat the best of Roman food.

"Buon Appetito" friends . Let splurge into the foodie heaven now.

Promodoro Minestone :

A soup with veggies like zucchini, carrot, potatoes, eggplant, onion, garlic, baked beans and tomato puree cooked with some veg stock and garnished with Italian herbs. It was slightly tangy and sweet.

Verdure Crostini :

Sliced bread grilled and topped with some veggies, olive oil and cheese.

Nachos with cheese :

Perfect triangled nachos topped with oodles of cheese topped with cute little chunks of capsicum.  Omggggg am drooling over right now

Funghi Trifolati :

This was my favourite dish. I can give infinity likes to this preparation. It had fresh mushrooms sauteed with Italian herbs and garlic in olive oil served with warm garlic bread. The garlic bread was mild in flavour and the sauteed Funghi balanced it . It was so robust and bursting with flavours.  A must try @ LITTLE ITALY.

Caesar Salad:

Another star dish of the restaurant. I fell so much in love with this. A simple preparation yet had delicately balanced flavours. Lettuce leaves, black olives and roasted croutons dressed to nine with the gorgeous mayonnaise and garnished with that mouth-watering parmesan shavings ( in-house cheese).  The delicate parmesan shaving is still lingering on..  I will keep going to LITTLE ITALY to try out this one.

Barbaresca Pasta :

It is a ravioli stuffed with creamy spinach and cheese, tossed in a bed of creamy sauce with broccoli, garlic, sundried tomatoes, parmesan cheese and chilli pepper. The sauce pairs up very well with the ravioli and makes it drool-worthy.

Pasta Del Fattore:

Penne pasta tossed in a spicy red sauce with tomatoes, garlic, onion, capsicum, capers and musroom. Was not my favourite .

Risotto Del Fattore :

One of my favourite dish and i kept asking for more. Indulge yourself with this classic Italian risotto made with plump brown rice, a creamy preparation with red bell pepper sauce.  You feel that you are in a real treat. Turned out to be another personal favorite of mine.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio E Pepperoncino :

It was a giant bowl of pasta flavoured with garlic oil, basil leaves and chilli flakes. Just simple and it doesn't gets more basic than this.

Pizzas :

I tasted four variations in their pizza , Mellino, Sicillia, Rustic and Fantasy Pizza. I personally loved the Rustic pizza which had spinach, Italian herbs, and onions. The well-arranged strips of onions topped with mozarella was a visual treat. A sexy one and my favourite . I also liked Sicillia which is an Italian classic pizza with mushrooms, garlic, pickled onions, sundried tomatoes and fresh basil with mozarella.

Notes : For an extra kick of flavour sprinkle some chilli oil and oregano to your pizza's. they are just soooper yummm..

Dessert time :
Chocolate bomb:  Chocolate cake with chocolate lava oozing out served with ice-cream. Very sexy, perfectly named as chocolate bomb.

Blueberry cheese cake : Cheesecake topped with blueberry compote. Not my favourite.

Tiramisu :  Now comes the show stopper, One of Rome's famous dessert, perfect dessert to make your date happy. It was a stunningly delicious with sponge sheets soaked in coffee, layered around and smeared with a creamy mascorpone mixture.  

The word Tiramisu in Italian means "Pick me up", Owing to it's caffeine kick it sure does that !.

Mocktails :  We also ordered some refreshing mocktails.

Quality :

Seems they stick to this mantra " When you use the freshest of ingredients you can't go wrong" .


As per my experience the service was quite warm,welcoming and very friendly

Overall experience:

My overall experience was a memorable one. If you want to discover the real Italian flavors go to "LITTLE ITALY" . They have an endless gastronomic innovation. The tempting aroma's wafting around the restaurant invites the guests and the fantastic food and its quality make them stay.   There's something magical there which will keep you wandering.
 So, if you are looking to sweep your partner away with a romantic fare, that will create memories you can visit "LITTLE ITALY" and am sure you and your date will be so caught up by gazing across the table while being lost in the moment.

My Rating: 4.5/5

Ciao and Love for now

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