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PERi - PERi Time @ NANDO'S, IndiraNagar - A Review.

BOM PROVEITO dearies. A Virtual Treat to you all for now with the world's fame NANDO'S.

Nando's is an international casual dining restaurant chain originating in South Africa, with a Mozambican/Portugese theme. Founded in 1987, Nando's now operates about 1,000 outlets in 30 countries. Nando's specialises in PERi-PERi flame grilled chicken and various other chicken and veg delicacies too.

This renowned brand and the huge restaurant chain decided to spread its wings and open yet another outlet in Indiranagar, Bangalore. Now Bangaloreans head towards 12th main road, Appareddipalya to indulge yourselves in the strong and really hot PERi-PERi flavours and its all with your favourite chicken, yes the speciality is with the bird and the birds-eye chilli.. (hmmm trying to be a lil rhyming)

Nando's, Indiranagar branch had us that snuggling chill Saturday afternoon to savour and relish their legendary dishes. Before i start talking about the food,let me tell you the uniqueness of Nando's.

What's unique in Nando's ??? 

  • They say that "Our home is your home"  and there's always a warm welcome from Nando's accompanied with a relaxing ambience, couchy, hip and peppy music, hot,addictive and delicious food, 
  • Nando's specialises in flame grilled peri-peri chicken and the chicken is served in portions of  quarter, half and full chicken with a range of sides like potato chips,wedges, corn-on-the cob, coleslaw, three beans salads to name a few. 
  • The uniqueness lies in the birds-eye chilli. This chilli is sourced with all the care so that it blends well with the chicken and delights everyone's palette. 
  • Their peri-peri sauce is so unique with a periometer where you can choose your own level of spice hot,medium, extra hot. Their other sauces like wild  herbs, lemon and herbs, garlic sauce is also so addictive and i bet you can't get this addictive taste anywhere else.  
  • Nando's has the largest collection of South African art in the UK, with over 3,000 works displayed in their restaurants. 
  • They emphasise only on chicken, the ecstatic bird. 
  • The service is self-service, yes you oughta go to the counter and order your meal and it would arrive on your table, but they are trying to make it a home-like feel  for their patrons where they can pick up their own sauces, salad dressings, bottomless drinks, filling the ice and also serve your own bottomless froyo as per their likings.  Sound's interesting right ?? 
  • Veggies not to worry.  Nando's respects the greenies feelings and their menu is quite interesting to delight your taste-buds too with grilled paneer, paneer espetada, veggie burger, veggie, mushrrom wraps and so on. 
  • And finally there are not only 100 reasons but a lot more to come back . 

Their sauces and the PERi-meter : 

Nando's sauces are really hot, and addictive and this strong flavour comes from their carfully picked PERi-PERi/bird's eye chillies.  Choose your level of spiceness that your taste-buds can take with their PERi-meter.

the peri-peri sauce and salad dressings. 

Peri-Peri drizzle which went really well with the hummus and pita bread

the perimeter- choose your spice level 

Now let me take you through a virtual tour of the Ambience and Food. 

The Indiranagar branch is very spacious with two floors, The ambience is more of Afro-Portugal type with African paintings, nice lightings, very pastel . The music also goes very well with the ambience and it quickly calls in to feel the peri-peri world.

Choose your seatings! couches or the tall chairs and you are all set to  enjoy the meal.


We gotta taste few of their legendary preparations like Extra hot PERi-PERi flame grilled chicken, Chicken Espetada Carnival, Grilled paneer and mushroom wrap, Algarvae salad, Olives, peri-peri nuts, potato wedges, corn-on-the cob, mexican rice,  bottomless drinks and froyo's. 

Extra hot peri-peri flame grilled chicken

The Extra hot PERi-PERi flame grilled chicken was succulent chicken marinated in peri-peri sauce for 24 hours, basted and grilled in flame.  This is a  extremely hot still addictive and fun it is i say. The aroma of this grilled chicken  enters your nostril's and set's fire on your taste buds.

The Espetada's were a visual treat, grilled veggies/chicken/panner standing tall on a vertically hanged skewer.  I hogged on the Chicken Espetada Carnival and of course it was a real carnival of flavours. A must try chicken lovers.

Veggies you got the panner and grilled veggies skewed and hanging there majestically, so no disappointment to veggies.

I loved their Algarvae salad and their wraps too.

Agarvae Salad - rocket leaves, cashew nuts, chicken and feta

Grilled paneer and musroom wrap

Pita Bread and Hummus is ma hubster's favorite. Now Nando's is providing a special peri-peri drizzle which you can add to your hummus as per your taste. It's sooper perfect every time and the hummus is just yummmm...

The sides they serve are so fascinating , yaeh who would not love to gorge on potato chips, wedges and corn-on-the cobs. I found few people going cray over Nando's coleslaw tooo..

peri-peri nuts and olives


Though it was a self-service station still the wait-staffs were very friendly and courteous helping all the customers . Dint find any patchy service. Certainly a thumbs-up to the service.

The self-service makes the customer feel at home

The Crumb Stash's verdict : 

Just go there people with your friends, family, colleagues or a date, am sure this spicy place is gotta hit your taste-buds and its sooper fun where the PERi-PERi will put fire in your belly and ignite some passion in your soul.  I should say that their menu is fairly priced. The consistency in taste is perfect everytime you go there (have tried nando's atleast eight times)  and that's the point which they have positioned strongly  for their fame. Price for two would cost around 1000-1200 for a good filling meal.  Its obviously a heaven to chicken and spice lovers.

My ratings : 4.5/5 

So wanna have a merry time, drop in soon to the Nando's Indiranagar branch. meet the PERi-PERi chicken

And do lemme know

P.S : The logo image has been sourced from google.

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