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48 East - Delivering Asian Deliciousness - A Review

Living in Bangalore feels like living in a fusion of cultures, Fun, exotic and tropical.  On addition to this the city is blessed with a new food delivery joint by the name 48 East opening its door to lip-smacking Asian food to the city. Its all about piping hot and delicioso Asian food delivered right at your door step by just a click away.


 A quick glance about the founder's : 

I am tremendously excited to write about the ultimate culinary journey through the culturally diverse 48 Asian countries under one roof, Created and led by a passionate food expert Mr. Joseph Cherian, the founder of 48 East and Mr, Nabhojit Ghosh, the co-founder who is a seasoned culinary professional.
Its very obvious that food lovers will experience a way of life where every meal is a celebration of life itself and there they go,  the founders have nailed it with their carefully and expertly crafted menu for 48East.

Why 48East??

  • Tired of the same old momo's, instant soups and hakka noodles? Try 48 East, its your new destination for authentic Asian cuisine. 
  • 48 East represents 48 different countries of Asia. From ancient civilizations of China and India, to the colorful Middle East, from the light flavors of South-East to the exotic from the Far East, the team of professional experts will take you on a gastronomic journey with every meal. 
  • The international and authentic food experience from 48 different countries of Asia is carefully curated by the in-house globally experienced chefs to suit the Indian palate without compromising on the authenticity. 
  • Interesting combinations of carefully researched, crafted and curated recipes from each country, this is an ode to all food lovers who want to make their everyday meal special.
  •  48East is affordable gourmet Asian cuisine delivered home in 45 minutes. 
  • 48East delivers a variety of dishes and keeps changing its menu every week. so each week is a surprise and a delightful journey. 
  • Spill-proof packing with nice soothing Asian images to add on to the theme.   

 How to order with 48East? 

 Stay cozy as a couch potato in your home or just take a quick relaxation between your busy office work,  48East is just a click away. You can download their app in your androids and ios also. You can also order your food online through their website too.

What better way to relax when it is scorching heat outside or while the sun sets and the hour for dinner approaches? 48East is always at your service delivering mouth-watering and expertly crafted Asian cuisine. 

So... Just order your food, welcome it at your door step and enjoy the deliciousness.

My Gastronomical Journey with  48East - A Fresh Insight :

I was so glad when i got an invite from Nucleus for a food tasting event at this interesting place 48East. Ssss... it sounds very interesting as they cover up cuisines of 48 different Asian countries under one roof.  Lucky me that i dint miss this event in-spite of the messy traffic that day. This Asian food delivery joint found its way at Indiranagar, for its first joint and they have many more branches to open up soon. 

A gist of the delicacies i tasted: 

Starters : 
The starters menu had Spinach burnt garlic dim sum, a translucent and yummy dimsums with green goodness of spinach and the burnt garlic played the twist.

spinach and burnt garlic dimsum

spinach and burnt garlic dimsum

Cheese and chili baozi, a steamed yellow bun type Chinese delicacy oozing out with cheese and mild chili flavours.

cheese and chili baozi

Spicy Chicken Gyoza, Fish and prawn suimai were the other starters served to us 

Fish and prawn suimai

Tofu Satay, soft and silky tofu marinated with fresh spices and skewered to perfection, the peanut sauce which accompanied this was heavenly.

Tofu Satay

Corn on cane lolly-pops, another delightful dish with stuffing's of veggies and sweet corn on a sweet cane lolly-pop. Every bite with the crunchiness and a mild sweetness of the cane took the dish to a whole different level.

Corn on cane lolly-pops
Indonesian chicken Satay, Chicken sticks marinated with Indonesian spices and herbs and cooked to perfection.

indonesian chicken satay
Chili Plum wings :  Hot and crispy Chicken wings with mouthful of chili and the plum flavors. Omg it was a sooper stunning and a show stealer. With a couple of interesting sauces there was also a fruit relish which was so refreshing and loud applause's to the chef who created this masterpiece.

chili plum wings

fruit relish

 Som-Tam Salad:  A green papaya salad with sour, sweet and chili taste in every mouth.

som-tam salad

Main Course: 

Teriyaki Mushroom Quesadilla : This was an amazing Quesadilla i have ever tasted, It had cheese tooo.

teriyaki mushroom quesadila
Khow Suey Veg and Khow Suey Chicken:  An one pot Burmese delicacy bursting with authentic flavours. It had noodles, veggies and meat cooked in coconut milk and few herbs garnished with peanuts and fried onion.

Bokchoy Mushroom Moon Fan Rice:  This moon fan rice was entirely different and a big sigh of relief from the boring fried rice stuff and it had interesting flavors with shitake mushrooms and saucy bokchoy to go with it.

bokchoy mushroom moon fan rice.

Desserts : 
48 East has got some mesmerizing desserts in their menu and we were served with couple of their signature desserts. 
Nest of Dragon:   A divine and translucent dimsum oozing out with chocolate lava rested on a nest like wontons. Every bite of it was like going to heaven and coming back. I fell so much in love with this one.

nest of dragon

 Banana Five Nut Roll :  Moris banana rolled in a spring roll sheet with chinese five nuts and fried to perfection.  Am sure it can never go wrong in satisfying your taste-buds. 

banana five nut roll

Overall, it was an absolute gastronomic journey. My overall rating for this food delivery joint would be 4.5
So may it be your wife/mom's bday, or to feed the tired you after a hectic day, or just relax and unwind urself with your family on weekends go for it friends,  am sure 48East will satisfy you with their skillfully and carefully crafted Asisan dishes.

Happy Ordering. Order the Right Food and Eat Happy. 

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