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The Boozy Griffin - My Review

It was the 47th FBAB meet up and i was invited by FBAB to be a part of the menu tasting event with "The Boozy Griffin" - a mighty one.. Firstly the name "The Boozy Griffin" interested me a lot to explore it, a kicky name isn't it???.  Griffin is a mighty and a legendary creature with the body, tail and back legs of a lion, the head and wings of an eagle and an eagles talons as its front feet..
The Boozy Griffin is perfectly located in a multi storied building in the outer ring road, Great place and an awesome Britain themed pub in Marathahalli,  A great boon to people working in this stretch, you can be void of traffic and enjoy yourself in this boozy pub.. 


The first thing that catches your eyes once you enter this place is the britian themed sofas, comfy couches, the rustic bricked walls, dim lit ambience all over with all booze going around, high seating chairs, happy voices, a cute lil electric red telephone booth which is completely sound proof to attend your phone calls... Catchy idea it is right???.. This is the ambience with the non-smoking area.. 

Just walk in a stretch and you find huge glassed doors, once you push the door you enter into a smoking zone with decors like a huge clock, steal sofa seaters with a garden ambience, an eye catching big image of the famous comic actor "Charlie Chaplin". One side of this area is completely glass worked so that you can see the view of the busy bustling outer ring road.. 

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Perfect Ambience for a date out and friends meet up.

I loved the Britian themed sofas and i perfectly sat there to enjoy my experience with this boozy place. 


Nice lively music by the DJ, they also had a lot of bollywood numbers playing up and we rocked the dance floor too.. All merry faces. 

Food & Drinks:

Mocktail : I ordered their Shangai Sunrise - a sunrise colored drink rimmed with sugar crystals,  A sweet and refreshing drink made with pineapple and orange juices with a hint of strawberry topped with ginger ale. I loved this fruity drink. 

shangai sunrise
Bora Bora: A colourful drink with pine apple, passion fruit syrup and lemon juice. 

bora bora
Cocktails :  I heard from my fellow bloggers that they had interesting cocktails. 

Boozy Foxtail:  This one was awesomely presented in a  Tiki mug with a garnish of vaporized smoke. The smoke adds a spectacular multi-sensory element to the cocktail experience. It was an awe-inspiring presentation .

Boozy Foxtail served in a tiki mug with smoky garnish

Cosmopolitan : A classic cocktail with vodka, cranberry juice and a dash of lime juice. 

Rainbow Shooters: Lovely rainbow colors instantly uplifts your mood served in shot glasses. Color therapy it is.. 

Food : 

Baby Spinach Salad: Fresh baby spinach, sliced green apple and onions dressed with apple vinegar. 

Caesar Salad Chicken : Grilled chicken tossed with romaince lettuce, garlic croutons and caesar dressing. 

Magic Shrooms : Jalapeno and cheese stuffed mushrooms served with thousand island sauce. 

Tex-Mex Roll:  Its a spring roll stuffed with black beans, corn and some exotic vegetables dipped in mexican salsa and sour cream, It was beautifully presented in a cocktail/mocktail glass. 

Cheese stuffed onion rings : Big rings of onions cajun spiced and crumb fried with cheese oozing out of every bite. 

Beer Battered Cheese Balls: These cheese balls were so amazingly done with grated cottage cheese, mozarella and cheddar fritter with honey mustard dip. We kept asking for repeat , who would not fall in love with cheese. It was yummmmm...

cheese balls - first ate it and then clicked pics.. Who wants to click a pic first when cheese is there
Crumb Fried Tequila Fish : Fish fingers marinated with tequila and continental herbs and crumb fried, The Tequila flavour was overpowering.. 

BritPop Prawns :  No one can eat just one is the mantra of this BritPop Prawns and the chef who did this has really got some magic in his hands. Juicy Prawn bits tossed in chefs special creamy sauce and served in martini glass. Myself and a lot of my fellow bloggers fell in love with this innovative stuff. was crispy outside and juicy inside. 
the yummy britpop prawns 

Boozy Chilli wings:   Bright Red and Yumm Chicken wings tossed in their inhouse special sauce. 

Burgers : We were served with two delicious burgers the Tandoori chicken burger and All american beef burger.  The burgers were whooper size, well presented and more of english style. 

Pizzas:  Who would not love indulging in pizza's ??? 

Smoked BBQ Chicken Pizza : I loved this one with chunks of smoky barbequed chicken, was slightly sweet but tasted great. 

Griffin Exotic : People went so cray over this one. It had all the delightful toppings one would love like corn, olives, jalapenos, mushroom, caramelized onions in a tomato basil spread with cheese oozing out. Every bite was delicioso. 

griffin exotic - just vanished away.. was heavenly..

Big Plates: 
Their big plates were yummy, well presented with perfect quantity tooo.. 

my favourite one Chicken espetada in peri peri ---  soo hottttt

I personally loved their Chicken Espetada in Peri -Peri , a hot plate with flavourful buttery herbed rice served with some tossed veggies and the highlight being their tooooo hot chicken espetada made in Peri-Peri sauce. Am a huge fan of Peri-Peri , hence i loved this dish a lot... 


A very cute bar with qualified bartenders with a backdrop of a huge london bridge and high seatings instantly transfers one to the British world. 

Desserts :  

Coffee and Rum Cheese Cake : 
Oreo crust with butter, topped with rum coffee cheese cake, was okayish.. 

coffee rum cheese cake 

Chef Special Chocolate Lava Cake : 
Molten chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream, tasted good but dint get the lava oozing out.. 

chocolate lave cake 

Too much of food and drinks, All happy minds and happy tummy. 

My Ratings : 

Boozy Griffin clearly understands the requirements of Bangaloreans , stands out unique and mighty right from their name to food, drinks and decor.  Service was also great. 

  • Service : 4/5 ( Attentive staff with prompt service) 
  • Food and drinks : 4/5 ( most of the dishes and drinks are innovatively done ) 
  • Presentation : 5/5 ( awe-inspiring presentation ) 
  • Ambience : 5/5 ( Cool ambience with british decors all over with smoking and non-smoking zones, a seperate telephone place, thoughtful ambience overall and it speaks out ) 
  • Location : 5/5  ( Perfect place to relax, chill out after office hours ) 
  • Quality : 5/5 ( Quality ingredients used ) 
  • Price : 4/5 

My overall ratings for "The Boozy Griffin " would be 4.5. Do try out this place and am sure it will delight you all.  Feel powerful and majestic like the mighty Griffin. 

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