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The Best Cantonese Fine Dining Restaurant in the town.. YAUATCHA..

YAUATCHA  - Wanna dine in with top of a range, wanna have a contemporary Cantonese fine dining experience with expertly crafted menu in the city its Yauatcha Bangalore ... Now let me brief you more about this classy restaurant. Yauatcha is one of the London's top Chinese Restaurant and a Michelin starred contemporary dim sum teahouse that opened in London in 2004.. They have four branches in India -  Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkatta,  

yauatcha's entrance.. so inviting.. is'nt it???

I was sooper excited and thrilled when i was invited by the Food Bloggers Association of Bangalore to celebrate their Chinese New year, and to welcome the year of monkeys and it was also the 21st fbab meet-up.. They had a specially crafted menu as a gesture of welcoming the Chinese New year and the menu itself was designed red in color as it is believed in China that Red, corresponding with fire symbolizes good fortune and joy..  ssss... was able to feel the joyous vibes of this place .. 

the red menu - red believed to bring in good fortune and joy..

Now, let me throw some more light on the decor, ambience, menu, service and all the other parameters..

Ambience and Decor :  

Yauatcha's decor though simple and  minimalistic, it was still so cool, hip, vibrant, was able to feel the brilliance behind the skilfully and carefully crafted interiors with lots of lights, tinted glasses, cute designs on the couches.. I really loved their dine-wares and serve-wares which was just in superlative..

minimalistic decor yet very cool, hip and chic..

I just can't wait to talk on the food and drinks served to us..

Welcome drink:  

We were welcomed for the Chinese New Year celebration with their cocktail Cherry Chaser which has gin, mandarin and cointreau.  I just clicked the pic of this as i am non-alcoholic i dint taste this..

The tee-totalers were served with two kinds of mocktails  Lemon and Passion fruit drink and also Kiwi Punch.

Me tried the Passion fruit drink and felt so much in love with this drink. It was made so rich and luscious ... Have u guys heard of crisp, refreshing and fruity drinks... this drink was one such... had it's own crispness and nutty flavour with the passion fruit seeds, so refreshing and between had the fruity punch tooo... The mixologist who made this for us really had some magic in his/her hands.. Hard to come out of the commitment i made with this drink...  :) :)

Lemon and passion fruit drink

The Dimsums Trail : 

This specially designed menu for their Chinese New Year celebration had a boutique of uniquely and expertly crafted dimsums. Three in Vegetarian and two in Non-Vegetarian..

Veggies : 

Truffle and English Carrot dumpling: 

This dimsum had a dumpling of a smooth paste made with truffle and english carrot. The dough was made with wheat and potato starch with a green showering of chives juice. that pungent strong aroma and flavour of the truffle was felt all through the palette and just melted in our mouth. Was good..

Corn carrot and curry dumpling : 

These translucent beauties were made with potato and wheat starch with a filling of corn, carrot, malaysian curry powder and coconut milk..  This was so divine and to me and this was the hero of the day., outstanding taste, brilliantly crafted , perfectly spiced up and u just can't stop with one serving.. Every bite of this dimsum was so utterly delicious..

Non - veg dimsums : 

I dint try non-veg on the day but heard very good reviews from my convives..

Chicken and Coriander dumplings.. 

Who can't just stop gorging on these beauties... Look at it, the glassy and shiny outer layer filled with chicken and coriander stuffings and this vibrant color is from the red cabbage..

Sea food Shui Mai: 

This dumpling was a massive hit among the sea food lovers. These dimsums were made with a smooth paste of crab meat, prawns and scallops and covered with sea bass.. Though i dint taste this loved the shades and the way it was presented with a prawn tail.. Lovely is'nt it??

Pickled salad with sauces : 

Not to forget this.. was sooo yummm, loved their sauces.. 

Its just the starters got done with now, yet to go with the main menu... was just going gagaaaa here..

The mains are as below..

Stir fry mock chicken with hunan style spicy sauce : 

A wonderful dish specially crafted for vegetarians with soya chunks perfectly made to taste like chicken sauteed in a spicy hunan style sauce with some veggies like bell-peppers, onions and asparagus tooo.. Awww.. that was out of the world..  This was a perfect accompaniment for the fried rice and noodles too... yummm they were.. 

Then came in the Toban Fried Rice : 

Me being a rice lover was filled with delight and so excited to try out their rice dish and finally arrived their Toban Fried Rice.. The texture of the rice was perfect, shiny and yummmieee too, perfectly spiced we loved it so much and even we went in for a second serving.. Not to forget the cute little bowls kept as a serve-ware for rice.. 

Mahlak Udon Noodles : 

This chewy, soft and thick wheat noodles was the best when served with mahlak sauce and sauteed with loads of veggies . The texture of the noodles was quite dense but went awesomely sooperb with the mahlak sauce.. was soooo mouth watering and all my fellow food bloggers loved it tooo.. thank you so much yauatcha for serving this.. 

Wok fried lobster in hunan style spicy sauce. 

I dint try this one as i am not a sea food lover but my convives comments were all happy comments and also the braised pork belly in spicy yellow bean sauce with cigar mantou roll got loads of appreciations.. 

And that was a long list for our tummy right ??? but sss that's the spirit of yauatcha... They did it with utmost hospitality and top-notch service.. 


Crunchy Caramel with Honey-Comb Ice-cream : 

We all fell in love with this dessert part sooo much and it was a great weakness u know... omgggg.. the chef who made this really has got some soooper doooper magic in his hands and he made everyone to fall in love with this so madly... drool worthy dessert.. the crunchy caramel mouse had some chocolate bomb inside as a dumpling and also had a slight tint of the truffle taste and was appealingly covered with caramel sauce.. 
The honey comb icecream on a bed of chocolate crunchies was sooo soothing and bursting with flavours.. So sexy, and this one was the Queen of the day... No one can stop with one.. i bet.. 


So on reading this, one could very well know how carefully and expertly the dishes were crafted with love and served to their customers.. Service was top-notch, commendable and  professional.. Was able to see the seats completely filled  with happy faces as the day progressed... A big round of applause to their heights of  professionalism... 

Our special thanks to Chef Sharieff and Chef Pradeep..

Overall Experience : 

My overall experience with yauathca was great and felt like being in little bit of heaven where u r served with all the goodness in this earth made out with all superlative ingredients, each and everything here is pure bliss and luxury... Repeat mode onnnnnnn....  Love you YAUATCHA.... KEEP ROCKING... 

I would also love to extend my hearty thanks to chef BB and the Food Bloggers Association for this lovely meet up..

Picture Courtesy : menu card pc from Chef BB.. 

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