Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Curtain Raiser Of Young Chef Olympiad @ International Institute of Hotel Management

 An evening well spent brings in a lot of happiness and content.. 

And it was one beautiful happy evening i've ever witnessed. Was so happy to be a part of the curtain raiser event of Young Chef Olympiad, the world's biggest Olympiad for culinary students.  In the first place, i would like to extend my hearty thanks to the Food Bloggers Association, Bangalore - FBAB and our inspiration Chef Bibhuti Bhusan Panigraphy who has put in all his efforts to conduct this event. I feel so proud to be a part of FBAB, 

The FBAB members with IIHM people. ( with Chef Shaun Kenworthy, Shalini Charles ,Tarunjeet )
 It was an immense pleasure to me while i got invite from Chef BB for the curtain raiser event of YCO (Young Chef Olympiad)  and i was on the cloud nine while attending this event.. Sssss. It was a great pleasure to meet Chef Shaun Kenworthy, Chef, Mentor and Director of International Institute of Hotel Management, Shalini Charles, Abhijit Saha.
me and my friend noorain with Chef Shaun Kenworthy and Abhijit Saha

The evening curtain raiser was buzzing with conversations on food, world cuisine and dialogues on culinary talent mingle amongst chefs, enthusiasts and foodies.. The vibes of the place were totally top-notch..The event's host Shalini Charles, Director IIHM Bangalore, perfectly took us through the concept of YOUNG CHEF OLYMPIAD ( YCO ) happening in India and the immense impact it will have on the student's chef community and the hospitality industry as a whole .. 

“Anybody can make you enjoy the first bite of a dish, but only a real chef can make you enjoy the last.” – Francois Minot

Am so excited and eagerly waiting for the YCO which will play host to 67 countries and it is a proud moment for India is'nt it ??? and the boast is International Institute of Hotel Management ( IIHM ).. yaeh the IIHM  keeps rocking and marching the culinary world with loads of advancements . A  big round of applause to the IIHM for creating such a winning platform, Wishing IIHM a glorious and successful event, yet another feather in their cap.  I also extend my heartfelt wishes to the participants of YCO and a very very warm welcome to all the participating countries..


The event was followed by a live cook off and master class with Chef Shaun Kenworthy, Mentor, Chef, Director of IIHM Bangalore, where he wondered our eyes with his magical culinary treats.. Yaeh he showcased, two lovely desserts for us titled " A TRIFLE INDIAN " which fashioned a fusion of Indian and International creations. The Sugar spun made by Chef Shaun totally left me mesmerised.. 

I here have to mention the warm welcoming gesture of Shalini Charles,  IIHM Bangalore.The cute way and the proud feeling she has everytime as she addresses "my students" . awww.. thats so lovely.. Also a very much inspirational speech by Abhijit Saha a big round of applause to him Have to also appreciate the time management of IIHM, mind blowing. 

Last but not the least , a wonder to our taste buds and this was perfectly done by the students of IIHM, Bangalore . Yesss, we were served and delighted with some good , yummy short eats. The arrangement of these were so organised. On the menu was Strawberry financier, Opera ( my love ), Choux swan which totally left us mesmerised, goat cheese quiches, chicken and corn filo cups, bruschettas, fish fingers and some french fries served with tartar sauce.  a big round of applause to the students behind the making of the Choux swan, was so unique and yummmm tooo.. Out of the world guys.. 

Thanks to the sweet lil girl Bhuvi Karanth and Manoj who's hospitality was top-notch.. Also the mocktails served were great.. A very big thanks to all the students behind this yummy and fresh preparation, was able to catch the love u have on food guys.. 

All good things come to and end and hence the curtain raiser tooo .. I conclude the write-up with my heartfelt wishes to the partcipants of YCO ( Young Chef Olympiad ) and a very warm welcome to the different countries participating in the event.. A proud moment for India.. Keep rocking IIHM.. A very big thanks to IIHM  for hosting us and to FBAB for making us being a part of this event... 

All the success ...... 


  1. Amazing & a heartfelt write up doll!! Really we enjoyed the day as we interacted with the talented lot!! Best wishes to the participants.