Monday, 26 October 2015

Lip-Smacking buffet dinner in a colonial Bungalow

 FBAB 9th Meetup @ The Bungalow.

There is a saying "A Sunday well spent brings in a week of content" . That was my experience last Sunday @ The Bungalow, the cutest and poshest buffet place in whitefield. First of all i would like to thank Chef Bibuti Bhusan Panigrapy(we call him Chef BB) for organising the FBAB 9th meet up in such an elegant restaurant.. My second thanks to Nameesh N Rajamane for the invite. Without his invite i would have not been there and would have missed such a great team in life. So my heartfelt thanks to both of u.
Its such a great feeling to pen down my food tasting experience in THE BUNGALOW, whitefield,..
I started my way to THE BUNGALOW with mixed thoughts.. But once i reached the place looking at the entrance, the lightings and the lovely external architecture of the building kindled my desire to enter in soon.

As i entered i was sooper stunned at the lovely ambience, high ceilings, awesome flooring, rustic seatings, beautiful lightings and lanterns, soothing music, smile filled stewards, welcoming customer service, calm and cool place at the same time was filled with so much of fun, how would one not love to move further.. and i moved on too.. and took my seat with a bunch of my friends..

Are'nt these pictures making u feel that u r gonna dine in a typical colonial style bungalow.. Yess the ambience was aesthetically done to soothen the minds of their customers and to have a royal experience. A very big round of applause to the people behind the interior designing. 

Now, coming to the food, they started with a welcome drink was which good and had a different imli punch and was well presented. loved the twist. 

Then came the starters. They had a wide range of varieties and most of the starters were very yumm and unique from other buffet places, so once again a 5 star rating here. Both the veg and non-veg starters were wide-ranged and served with so much of love and care and were beautifully crafted.  I dint taste the non-veg food there as it was durga pooja time. But enjoyed all the veg stuffs.. 
Will mention some of the starters here.
They served two varieties of veg pizza, was so yumm, and as i said they are different from other buffet places, here the pizzas were done in wood fire and i loved the cute place where the pizza's were getting done and it just took me to old styled baking . Somewhere i started feeling am i living in india or somewhere abroad..  yes the pizzas were so yummm, the quality of the cheese, the perfect seasoning and the awesome baked aroma of spinach... OH MY GODDDDD.... it was heaven.. no one can stop with one.. 

The hero of the buffet dinner which added a royal touch was this as per me.. VOL-AU-VENTS.. I think the chef fell so much in love with this while baking .It was baked to perfection with yummy crusts and every bite was like going to heaven and coming back. Trust me guys it was that great and it perfectly did the job of stealing my diet thoughts.. 
Would strongly recommend people to go here for these yummm vol-au-vents and also for the uniquely crafted starters.. 

They also served yummy and big sized dimsums, grilled fish, fish wrapped in banana leaf, prawns, chicken, vegetable crepes, varieties of chats and all of them were great..

Coming to the soup, they had two soups one in veg and one in non-veg, i tasted the veg soup which was almond brocoli soup, was good,

Salads were so beautifully and uniquely crafted with lots of twist in it.. loved the twists as it suited everyone's taste buds, was so excited to taste the salads and yes it bought a big smile on my face.. I loved the veggie salad in blueberry sauce, caesar salad, and the dressings were also good. 

Now let me talk about their main-courses.. On that day they served awadhi main-courses, Awadhi veg briyani, Awadhi style dal makhni, awadhi saag, zafrani paneer pasanda, fish, chicken and many more.. They dint want to limit their cusine type so they also extended it to chinese and thai too.. i tasted their veg noodles, thai veg green curry with steamed rice, non-veg had thai syle red curry in chicken and many more.. all of them were so yummm, outstanding and brilliantly done.. 

Mocktails were also served, i got to taste three mocktails gauva punch, lichi cola, and pina colada.. gauva punch was so nice and i loved the way they rimmed the glass with some masala.. as i said twist which brings in joy and happiness.. all these were so great and blended to perfection. the color, the texture, the presentation of the mocktails bought in an instant boost and elevated our happiness level.. So THE BUNGALOW never failed anywere and they were constantly surprising us with every food they were serving.  

Now i can't wait to share my experience about the yummmm pan-cakes.. Still am drooling over it .The man who was making these pan-cakes was seriously having some magic in his hands.. he had so much of knowledge in plating and making a perfect and fancy pan-cakes.. i have had pan-cakes else where but have never seen such a beautiful plating anywhere else.. they were sooo yumm, beautifully done, stealing everyones attention towards it, Not only kids were fancied but i found most of the adults also standing there like a kid for their pan-cakes..Any words i describe here for the pan-cakes would be very less..  Blessed were we and a standing ovation to the chef who did pan-cakes for us..

Coming to the desserts.. they had many varieties of cakes, custard, creme-de-menthe, ice-creams from baskin and robbins, rabri and jilebi and all of them were great... i loved the way they presented it. and the desserts were obviously happy endings.. :) :)

The food journey in THE BUNGALOW restaurant was so complete and ultimate. The journey gave me a feeling of too many international cusines in one place. French, Italian, Continental, Oreintal, Indian all in one place.. Pricing was reasonable too. and i would strongly recommend this cute lil posh place for romantic dinings, occassions, friends and family get-togethers..  Wanna have a international food journey then THE BUNGALOW is one stop destination for ur taste-buds..  Give it a try and u will fall totally in love with the place, ambience , warm customer service, awesome food, the twists in food and drinks.. Best place in the town for yumm and soul food..

Thank u so very BUNGALOW for treating us like king and queens and i also extend my thanks to the FOOD BLOGGERS ASSOCIATION for spotting out such a nice place..  Cherished and treasured will be these memories..

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